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    Amazon lightsail question

    Anyone tried installing DirectAdmin on ? They only offer Amazon Linux or the newest Ubuntu. I tried Amazon Linux using Centos 7 commands but ended up with this - Connecting to (||:80... connected. HTTP...
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    restore failure from disk space - now what?

    I was running a "test move" to consolidate around 60 domains from a few old servers to a new one. I wanted to see how much space they would all take and the restore time. Using the reseller backup, I moved all backups to the new server and did a reseller restore to a shared ip. It looks like...
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    Thoughts on load balancing

    Just looking for ideas/thoughts if anyone cares to share. We really do more application hosting than general web hosting. We're the only ones controlling the servers. I love DA because it makes setting up new applications very easy. We'd like to be able to load balance just apache and still...
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    Multiple ranges on the same server

    My data center is pretty stingy with ip addresses and now after some time, we've hit a small snag. I'm definitely not a networking expert so this is probably something stupid. We are not doing any routing and just have a managed switch that is handling 3 different ip subnets. Data center...
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    editing the backup script

    Can somebody give me the location of the script file that DA uses when running the reseller backups? Or, is that part of the DA binary that can not be changed? Only thing I want to change is to add in some code to connect to the slave database server, stop the slave, run the backups, then...
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    Freebsd 7 64-bit - DirectAdmin restarting services over and over

    It seems that directadmin doesn't think my services are running as it keeps trying to restart them periodically. Everything seems to be fine but for some reason the DA system doesn't seem to think so. I installed FreeBSD 7.1 64-bit using the post here about using mostly ports. I haven't had...
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    Adding storage engines

    I have a FreeBSD 6.x machine running MySQL 5.0.x and I need to add the archive storage engine. I am using custombuild and am wondering where I should place this -- --with-archive-storage-engine Thanks!
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    Amazon has static IPs now

    You can not get static IP addresses for Amazon's web services ( They only have images that are linux based (and I only know FreeBSD) but I was curious to see if anyone was working on a DirectAdmin image for EC2?
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    Strange perl in httpd process

    /usr/local/apache/bin/httpd -DSSL (perl5.8.8) I have seen that process running occassionally over the past few days when the server load has shot up really high. Does it have something to do with the backup process? FreeBSD 5.5 running everything up to date. No perl scripts running (that I...
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    Backups fail ftp_put -- firewall help?

    I am 95% sure this is not a directadmin problem, but I figured maybe someone has an idea for me. Running FreeBSD 5.4 and the newest DA. My data center recently gave me another new IP block but unfortunately, it is not in the same subnet or even IP range so I have two different subnet in my...
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    Biggest host using DA?

    Does anyone know offhand a list of the biggest hosts that offer DA? Even one or two would help. Thanks!
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    API for db backup?

    If I am blind on this one, I apologize.....but is there an API command for doing a user database backup? I would like to automatically run database backups every few hours without having to backup the entire site through the reseller level backup. Before I work on this through a command line...
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    zzliplib failure - FreeBSD 5.4

    Fresh install this morning on a FreeBSD 5.4 system. First problem I had was hangin on the mhash installation whereas I had to download mhash-0.9.1 and move over the mhash.3 file as referenced here - Second...
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    Users without a reseller - can't do backups

    When I log into DA as the admin, the table on the right lists 108 users and 108 domains. In reality, there are 110 users and 110 domains. The "missing" two domains can be seen from the admin's Show All Users function but when I click into the Reseller Level and click on List Users, the two are...
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    MySQL - auto_increment

    It looks like in the automated backups (reseller level) that the MySQL dump is not including auto_increment. Is there any way to alter this or is it hardcoded into the DA application?
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    Viewing processes

    In phpMyAdmin, when I run Show Processes, should that list all of the current MySQL processes running? This server has mysql taking 95-99% of the CPU an dthe load averages are around 1 when they are normally .05. Any idea on how to track down what is causing this? last pid: 77688; load...
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    ipfw question

    If my IP is, do I have this set up correctly at the top of my firewall rules for ipfw (freebsd 5.4)? /** set these to your outside interface network and netmask and ip **/ #define oif bge0 #define oip #define onet When I had the rules...
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    updating FreeBSD process

    I am curious how many of you do the "recommended" method of upgrading FreeBSD which includes dropping into single user mode versus just doing everything through SSH and hoping for the best. I am lucky in that I only work about 4 blocks from the data center but I am sure most people don't have...
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    Anyone using eAccelerator or Turck MMCache?

    Is anyone using eAccelerator or MMCache on FreeBSD (this machine is 5.3)? If so, are you have problems with core dumps like this in /var/log/messages? May 2 09:48:01 smartervalue kernel: pid 96135 (httpd), uid 1004: exited on signal 11 May 2 09:48:02 smartervalue kernel: pid 96128 (httpd)...
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    Changing email/log location in directadmin.conf

    We are doing a project for a client and they did not read my email instructing them on the partition sizes I wanted for the FreeBSD server. So, they used the default settings and /var is only 256MB which is going to be a problem. Can I just change the email spool/log paths in the directadmin...