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    Check for weak passwords

    Is there a way of running a batch script to check all passwords on a DA server and log / notify the admin and users? (I have enforce_difficult_passwords=1 set). Preferably all accounts including e-mail, mysql etc. Thanks
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    [clamav & debian10] error during scan & question

    Getting this error during scan from SSH session by usign command : clamscan --exclude-dir=/proc/* --exclude-dir=/sys/* -i -r /) LibClamAV Warning: cli_scanbzip: bzip2 support not compiled in This is on debian 10. bzip2 is part of the prerequisites for DA and is installed. Any idea's? On the...
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    Debian 10 availability

    First of all: I have been using Directadmin for more than 10 years and I am happy with the product! Thank you for this great solution and community. Is there an ETA on the support for Debian 10? We want to roll out new servers with DA + Custombuild based on Debian 10. I noticed that there were...
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    srv record for autodiscover email

    Hi! I'm trying to setup autodiscover because I'm getting annoyed by helping my users setup outlook every time. I am using this guide: but when adding the SRV record i get the following error: I added this to the left in DA on the SRV part...
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    exim conf changes

    Is there a way of making changes to the exim conf file when using custom build 2.0 with: eximconf_release 4.5 eximconf yes I see #EDIT33 options - but if I change them - do they stay there after an update? Or do I need to use a custom file or something? The reason why I am asking is that I...
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    custombuild proftpd and dovecot question

    Previously I have always been using my own dovecot and proftpd configuration files but now I use custombuild as much as possible. Couple questions: 1) If I understand correctly, by using custom build - the configuration files are also managed - making changes to the software due to new...
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    [BUG?] Enable SSL with symbolic link and private html

    I have a user which has purchased a SSL certificate specifically for his domain name. This works perfectly when browsing to his https:// website instead of http. The only challenge is that he has to maintain two different folders (wordpress) and he would like to have this merged to one folder...
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    Update Directadmin APT-GET or not?

    Probably a stupid question, but I rather ask it then make a mistake. I am running a Debian 6.x server with directadmin custombuild 2.x This server is being updated on a regular basis with the directadmin update commands or the custombuild 2.0 plugin for the GUI. I've read lately that there...
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    FTP Back-up problems

    [bug & question] FTP Back-up problems I have been using the FTP back-up feature for almost 2 years now and it has always been working perfectly. Since a while now it's been failing and I'm unable to figure out why.. It must have something to do with the new update because nothing has changed...
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    SMTP IP problem

    Some users are complaining that they are unable to e-mail certain people and they forwarded me the error that they receive from some external mailservers: rejected a message from a mail server claiming to be received a message...
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    forwarder + mailbox

    Hi, Two questions, First question: Is it possible to use a mailbox for a domain and also set-up a forwarder? Example: 1) Set-up a mailbox --> --> I can login and receive and send e-mails on this mail address (not a forwarder) 2) Set-up a forwarder for the same domain...
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    User permissions Apache / PHP

    I have an issue which I can't seem to solve. One of my users is running a SSL website based on PHP and MYSQL. All the static website data is stored in his homefolder (/home/joe/domains/ All the dynamic contents which is displayed on the website is stored in...
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    E-mail SSL problem

    I have about 20 domains and recently allot of users are complaining about an error with SSL in outlook (it seems it tries it with ssl enabled by default now in the latest versions of outlook). This is obviously caused by the fact that I am using a self signed certificate and don't even a SSL...
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    [e-mail recover] Single mailbox or item recovery

    Some of my users are complaining that we have no single level item recovery possibility. I know it's possible somehow, but not sure what options are available. Can somebody assist: - Is it possible to restore a single item? So an e-mail for example? Can somebody explain how to do this...
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    reseller user back-up to folder with date

    I have recently set up my 2nd directadmin server and I would like to back-up my user accounts with the reseller mode to a FTP directory by CRON. I am doing exactly on the first directadmin server and it works perfectly. I have set this up on the 2nd server and just tested it by starting it...
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    imap e-mail is always sent as spam ?

    I set-up a new domain for one of my family members and they tried to set it up in outlook 2010. All e-mail sent from his computer is marked as SPAM. Even when sending it to another domain on the same directadmin server. See the message below: Spam detection software, running on the system...
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    SMTP Best practice settings

    Someone told me that they had received e-mail coming from my e-mail and mailserver that included spam (which I did not send). I checked if my mailserver is an openrelay at and it says it's not. When testing it manualy with telnet I found out that I am able to send mail from my...
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    Demote admin user to reseller

    Is it possible to demote a admin account to make it reseller only? This is a 2nd admin account which was created by the "admin" user. For security reasons I want to demote this account without screwing up any current settings. He has made a couple users through his reseller area and I would...
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    Forwarders don't work for a specific domain

    Hi, I have a weird problem which I can't solve. When making a forwarder for a specific domain it does not work. When using forwarders for another domain it does work? No errors in the mailog from exim. Anybody know what's going on and how to troubleshoot?
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    Port 25 is closed?

    After enabling SpamAssasin and RBL by using the FAQ my port 25 is closed? I've reboted and restarted the services several times, but still no go. Telnet to my server ip 25 --> no connection possible. I've tried connecting from several ip's (to make sure it's not my ISP which is in the RBL)...