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  1. floyd

    Lilocked Lilu Ransomware

    I was checking a server today and found a bunch of files with the extension .lilocked. I found out its a result of ransomware called Lilu and it seems to attack older versions of exim. Fortunately for me this was basically an abandoned server so no real damage was done. But it was a wake up call...
  2. floyd

    Second PHP still loading primary ini file

    I have a domain configured to use the second php (5.6) but its seems to be also loading 7.3. See below. Configuration File (php.ini) Path /usr/local/php56/lib Loaded Configuration File /usr/local/php73/lib/php.ini Scan this dir for additional .ini files /usr/local/php56/lib/php.conf.d...
  3. floyd

    suspension page

    When a reseller suspends a domain it points to the admin's suspension page instead of the reseller's suspension page.
  4. floyd

    Can't login to phpmyadmin with DA created users

    If I create a database user with directadmin it works just fine for the command line and other php scripts such as wordpress. But for some reason I cannot login using phpmyadmin. I can login with the da_admin username. I can create a user in phpmyadmin and then login as that user. But not if I...
  5. floyd

    upgrade to php 5.3 shows variable names

    I upgraded to php 5.3 and now on some scripts the variable names show instead of their values. Any idea why? Getting an update from the script writers is not an option since they are no longer around. I would like to fix what is in place. $forum_name $forum_description $forum_subforums...
  6. floyd

    whois failing

    I am running CentOS. When I do a whois lookup from the command line it fails to even look up the ip address of the whois server. [root@router ~]# whois [Querying] [Unable to connect to remote host] But if I add the ip address to the /etc/hosts file for...
  7. floyd

    Limit number of user accounts

    Limit number of user accounts in reseller packages. I thought it would be a good idea to be able to limit how many user accounts a reseller can create.
  8. floyd

    Telling clients you are not supporting FrontPage anymore?

    I am sure many here have supported FrontPage server extensions in the past and have now deleted them. What I would like to know is how you explained it to your clients who use FrontPage. Did you explain they could still used the FP client with FTP? Did you give them any directions? Or was it...
  9. floyd

    Dovecot log

    vm-pop3d had a nice logging system that would not only tell me who logged in but also how many emails they download, the email message size, and how many emails were deleted. Dovecot cannot seem to do that or at least I cannot find the setting or see it in the log.
  10. floyd

    Load Check

    I am thinking a load check might be nice. Could be set up in the Admin Settings under the partition check. Could be set to check every 5, 10, or 15 minutes and have a customizable trigger load value in which to send an email.
  11. floyd


    I am converting a server to use Maildir format. Could someone please help out the attention challenged by stating briefly where and how mail is stored and managed? I thought the mbox format was much simpler. It was either stored in /var/spool/mail for system users or...
  12. floyd

    SMTP Greeting

    When I telnet to my mail server on port 587 inside or outside my network I get: 220 ESMTP Exim 4.67 Tue, 25 May 2010 08:27:15 -0400 When I telnet to my mail server on port 25 inside my network I get: 220 ESMTP Exim 4.67 Tue, 25 May 2010 08:27:15...
  13. floyd

    HELO should be a FQDN error

    When trying to sending from my phone I get this error: 2010-04-22 19:15:05 (Inbox) [] F=<> rejected RCPT <>: HELO should be a FQDN or address literal (See RFC 2821
  14. floyd

    Spam Block problem

    I don't know if this can fixed or not but just wanted to make everybody aware of something I just discovered. A client informed me that they could send out mail through one of my servers. I checked the log and found that their ip was blocklisted by SORBS. I checked the ip at and...
  15. floyd

    Changing MX records from the admin level

    There needs to be a checkbox for "Use this server to handle my emails."
  16. floyd

    Does DA follow the Include in httpd.conf

    I was wondering does DA follow Include in the main httpd.conf file to find the other non user configuration files? I personally like having one main httpd.conf file and would like to combine the other general files with it instead of having separate files. The user httpd.conf files on the...
  17. floyd

    httpd rewrite removes proper ssl lines

    I have a site that uses ssl and the ip is owned by the user. I ran: echo "action=rewrite&value=httpd" >> /usr/local/directadmin/data/task.queue and the ssl lines that point to the sites certificate suddenly now pointed to the server certificate: SSLCertificateFile...
  18. floyd

    32 bit versus 64 bit

    I think its been discussed here before but I wanted some fresh outlooks. I have a server on the way and was just wondering which to install. I would like to know what people with experience have to say about it. I do not want opinions based on what other people have said or other studies. I can...
  19. floyd

    Value too large for defined data type

    I am getting (75)Value too large for defined data type: access to /fl.tar.gz failed I have read that apache needs to be recompiled with large file support. Can this be done with version 1.3.41? I am using customapache.
  20. floyd

    HowTo install and configure FFmpeg and FFmpeg-Php on a DA server

    I saw this headline on another part of the forum and the instructions I thought were a lot more than was needed. And that might be fine for some but I thought I would post a much shorter process. Here is what I do on my servers running CentOS. Its so easy that I just do it by default on every...