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    Quota Problem

    -bash-2.05b# quota -v alpha Disk quotas for user alpha (uid 1010): Filesystem usage quota limit grace files quota limit grace /usr 2765026 0 0 15514 0 0 I've done And I also did Yet, logged into DA, I see... Disk Space (mb)...
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    FTP Connection Issue

    Anyone having FTP connection problems? The strange part of it is, it was working yesterday and it's not working today. The stranger part of it is, proftpd isn't doing that much logging - just seems like it's rejecting connections. I have no firewall setup on the server. The strangest part of...
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    FreeBSD Security Advisory 1/30/2003

    Just a heads up for those of you who run FreeBSD 5.1-RELEASE or 5.2-RELEASE:
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    Changing user homedir

    Does DA utilize /usr/sbin/adduser to create accounts? I've edited /etc/adduser.conf so that the home directory is created in /usr/home instead of the default [/home]. Whenever I use adduser command to create a user, it creates the homedir under /usr/home/ like its supposed to... however...
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    Apache Not Starting

    Okay, I've been trying to troubleshoot this issue for about 2 hours and I'm stumped. Everything is running as it should be except Apache. I click the restart link, Apache seem to start up but it's not up. I've checked /var/log/httpd/error_log and it doesn't show any recent errors. I've done...
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    Service Status?

    Did I miss a step here? Admin > "System / Services Info" Apache Process is stopped DirectAdmin Process is stopped Exim Process is stopped MySQL Process is stopped Named Process is stopped ProFTPd Process is stopped sshd Process is stopped vm-Pop3d Process is stopped Is there like a separate...
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    Installation Issues [FreeBSD 5.1]

    Okay, I assume this issue is because of parsing problem for finding the network device for FreeBSD 5.1: Everything in <alligator brackets> have been edited out for security purposes. Here's the initial installation prompts: Not sure if this was supposed to do this, but it seems get...