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    Nginx and Apache - Nginix wont start due to mod_security

    Hi All Did anyone else experience this overnight? Nginx stopped all 4 of my servers with mod_security errors. Commenting out the line and mod_security off fixed it
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    Switched to openlitespeed and can't create new sites

    Hi All I created a new account in DA under the 'admin' reseller level. This domain is a subdomain of another domain on the system. E.g When I logged into the account, I get the error: Unable to read the User data files for username I ran the details here...
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    Centos 7 and changing hostname and ssl cp

    Hi, I'm trying to change my DA hostname and CP SSL cert without success. I've update the hostname in Administrator settings > Server Settings > Servers Hostname I then ran: cd /usr/local/directadmin/scripts ./ request_single `hostname` 4096 #secure hostname cd...
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    Direct Admin - php build configure.php

    Just wondering if anyone knows where I might be going wrong on... I'm trying to build PHP with imap, gmp , mailparse, mcrypt. My /usr/local/directadmin/custombuild/configure/ap2/configure.php72 file is as follows: #!/bin/sh ./configure \ --with-apxs2 \...
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    Changing the IP exim sends mail from

    Hi Does anyone know how to change the IP exim sends mail from? I'd like to change it from the main server ip say to say
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    Silently Discard Mail

    Hi We get massive amounts of spam on webmaster@ and postmaster@ address on a certian domain of ours. How can we silently discard mail that's been sent to these addresses?
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    UebiMiau Mail Problems

    Hi, We're having problems sending email in UebiMiau. This is FreeBSD... This thead didn't help:
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    PHP won't compile

    Hi Guys, PHP won't compile on FreeBSD 4.9 - any ideas to make it compile? I think it might have something to do with the DA files on my server. I think they arn't fully downloaded to the box as it seems the fileserver is down: fetch...
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    Login Problems - Freebsd 4.9

    Hi, Our server provider setup our FreeBSD with the Admin use in the wheel group so we could SSH in as admin and su to root. Today I loged in as Admin, and su'ed to root and ran the setup... Anyways after many errors our direct admin is running - but we can't login. Has anyone else had these...
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    Lots or errors durning 4.9 install

    I got a lot of errors durning the install - should I expect some problems using DA?
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    Email Only Skin

    Hi, Are there any email only skins available?
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    Slave DNS

    Hi Guys, If I add a Slave DNS zone into our DirectAdmin server will DA over write the named.conf file when we add another domain to the system?
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    Reinstall Perl - or what do you recommend?

    Hi, We have a new RH 9 box - just installed DA and now I went to install PerlDesk and it seems perl has craped itself... How would one go about updating perl?