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    Exim IPv6 requires SMTP authentication

    I'm trying to get my server as far as ipv6 ready as it can be at this time. And aside from directadmin which is not possible at this time I almost have everything running on ipv6 now. Exim listens on ipv6 and i've got one domein which is configured with an ipv6 address. The problem I'm having...
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    Ftp Custom map empty directory

    I think I've found a bug. Last night I wanted to make a ftp account with a custom path in a domain for someone. When I got this situation for instance: /home/user/domains/ /home/user/domains/ The first...
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    2 domains, 1 website

    One of the clients i have on my server has one domain name. But now he wants another domain name. Setting it up is simpel i know how to setup a second domain, but he wants his new domain pointing at the same website that is hosted at his other domain. Is this possible with directadmin?
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    Compile error when adding postgresql

    I'm trying to add postgresql and followed the tutorial on this forum. But when i recompile it using ./build php n i get /usr/bin/ld: cannot find -lltdl collect2: ld returned 1 exit status make: *** [] Error 1 What's wrong here? Edit: Problem solved by installing libtool and...
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    MySQL master admin

    I know there is some ovveride account so i can get in all the databases hosted at our server at once. But i forgot what it was. Can someone tell me cause that would make my life a lot easier :) As most of my costumers ask when they got a problem with their forum or something and i got too ask...