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    Remote System Backup Bug

    I'm giddy I discovered this before I had a problem: I use the DA GUI to do a system backup and then ftp it to a remote server. I then have DA delete the local system backup copy. Well, on this particular server the remote server no longer exists but DA doesn't catch it. The ftp login fails but...
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    It looks like DA is installing/offering a tool in the interface which can't be used without some command line tweaking: Mailing Lists. The default mail service in the template is sendmail. I, at least, don't have sendmail running, just Exim. In addition, there was evidently no...
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    FreeBsd Exim with Exiscan

    Since the FreeBsd port of Exim includes Exiscan-ACL, why doesn't DA just install Exim with Exiscan-ACL enabled? It sure would make life easier for ClamAV, demime, and actually rejecting high Spam Assassin scores.
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    SpamAssassin & Exim 4.24

    Well, thanks to searching many posts, I finally have SA running and RBLs being checked. The really interesting thing is I cannot find spamd running anywhere. Kinda goes like this: -Server reboot (ugly fix for the "stuck" socket) -Send myself email from external server. Check header and it...