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    Subversion on CentOS 7.x

    Has anyone already worked out what the best way is to install Subversion and mod_dav_svn on a CentOS 7.x server with Directadmin? I used to compile everything on CentOS 6.x but I saw a tutorial on CentOS 7.x where they say mod_dav_svn is included in the repos. Someone with experience in this...
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    Jailed SSH

    Goodmorning, I'm currently trying to find a way to offer SSH access to my clients. Unfortunately I saw that SSH jail isn't in use anymore. Can someone please tell me what the most common practice is to offer some sort of jailed environment. Do I need to use something like Cloudlinux? Thanks in...
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    Get domain in plugin

    I'm working at a plugin but having trouble to get the domainname of the current user level. I tried two different syntaxes but they didn't work. I tried: - <?=$domain;?> - |DOMAIN| The <?=$domain;?> syntax is a syntax that I also saw in another plugin, so I'm a little bit questioned why it...
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    "body" in the enhanced skin

    I cannot find the place where the "body" is build, i want to remove a few links such as Support Center and Spam Filters but cannot find the right way to do this. Can someone please explain this for me? The body contains for example the following html: <table border="0" width="100%"...
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    Change users domainname

    I would like to ask if there is a possibility to change a domainname under a user from the command line? I'm writing a bash script which restores a user with a default domainname and want to change it afterwards. Thanks in advance for the answers.