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    (Bug) admin security questions enabling does not work

    I had two factor authentication google / I disabled it and decided to use security questions but it is not SAVED I navigate away and come back I have to save it again. Some times it is saved but when I log out and try to login it does not ask me for security question
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    Hide ConfigServer and system info from reseller menue?

    Resellers can see the menu ConfigServer Security & Firewall Under Extra Features As clicking on it just says : You do not have access to this feature HOW to Completely delete the menue itself . It is not necessary for it to be there It is same with System info menue In package manager...
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    Moving dns from centos web panel to directadmin bulk?

    This is in centos webpanel Can I simply copy this and replace the already created in /var/named? If not what is the best way to move many dns?
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    Main admin-Reseller-User Do I need to set up domain?

    Do I need to set up my main domain in user level under admin section? I prefer to keep all empty and create independent resellers and host my main domain under the user of that reseller. Does that make sense and should it be done this way?
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    Directadmin Technicians IP addresses to whitelist?

    Where can I find all ips related to Directadmin support team so I can whitelist in my firewall?
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    Cant search any thing in

    Some body please tell me the trick Does the search work for you? it does not for me
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    It is torturing me when phpmyadmin asks for password

    I hate it pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Remove that user id and password request when launcing phpmyadmin from admin section :mad:
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    After mod security installaiton bad interpreter: Permission denied

    Installed comodo mod security and when I go there I see sh: /usr/local/directadmin/plugins/comodo_waf/admin/ /usr/bin/perl: bad interpreter: Permission denied
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    What happens to addon domains when migrating from cpanel?

    Basically In cpanel addon domains files are in public_html of main domain so public_html / addondomainUSER but not in directadmin? Does that mean direct admin is safer for addon domains? Because I understand that in cpanel if an addon domain is hacked the hacker has access to...
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    Cpanel Set Zone Time To Live (TTL) equivalent in directadmin ?

    In cpanel it is just 1 click choose all enter new ttl and all domains ttl wil be adjusted How to lower ttl of all domains easy ? All the tutorials I see online seem to be old and it did not work for me
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    partition question

    I have a disk 480 and my ram is 12 Gig What partition do you recommend ?
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    Check list to make directadmin ready to host a few sites in there

    What is the check list? I have 10 websites that I need to move in before I do so what is the check list I need to do? Example Security: 1. install csf and mod security 2. remove port 22 and allow access to ip etc... Admin setting 1. increase the upload site etc... Give me the list :)...
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    when you restore from backup you need to create username?

    I reinstalled my os and directadmin. Before I do I backedup a site that I had. after reinstalling I went to admin section to restore but the error says Kd-backup-Aug-8-2019-1 is not a valid username What exactly should I do to restore this?
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    httpd down

    How to trouble shoot?
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    cpanel easy apache equivalent in directadmin ?

    In cpanel we had easyapache so I could just choose what I needed what about directadmin? I need to install the following before I can move in and I am not an expert can any body help please?
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    Please help me with this simple DNS question

    I am just a freelancer with very few sites about 10 that I run in a cpanel VPS OK to make long story short Every time I change servers I have to go to each client domain and change the name server I want to use my directadmin VPS also for this dns entry so it takes care of those 10 websites...
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    what snippet software do you use?

    Developers , server admins won't be able to memorize every thing What snippet software do you use? Where do you keep your codes , commands etc?
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    More than 800 posts here but can't view them

    Are posts hidden here?
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    How to install comodo mod security like what I had in cpanel?

    In cpanel it was easy I am not sure in directadmin what to do to install comodo mod security
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    Csf and directadmin do I need to do more than just installing?

    I noticed today there were a lot of bruteforce attacks but the ip was not banned by csf Is there any thing else I need to do after installing csf so directadmin and csf work together?