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  1. scriptkitty

    creation_time bug?

    Hi! I've noticed that Let's Encrypt SSLs aren't being automatically requested on accounts migrated from cPanel that previously had AutoSSL activated. It looks like a new SSL won't be requested, even with ssl=ON, if this creation_time file doesn't exist. Is this the case? I've been using the...
  2. scriptkitty

    Clarification Regarding RBL Customization DA Documentation

    Hi all! I've got a quick question. In the following, it states that exim.strings.conf.custom is used for changes to the SMTP output messages and that exim.variables.conf.custom is used for changes to the exim behavior/functionality: The...
  3. scriptkitty

    DirectAdmin vs cPanel + a Lazy SysAdmin's Migration Automation Bash Script

    HI Y'ALL! ;) For those considering migrating from cPanel to DirectAdmin and worried because you don't know what to expect, here is the most thorough comparison of the two panels I've found: And don't...
  4. scriptkitty

    Automatically Installing WordPress Upon Account Creation Using Post Hooks

    Hello everyone! <3 I'd like to share something for all of you WordPress-only hosts out there. If you would like to know more about DirectAdmin's pre- and post- hooks and how you could use them to automatically install WordPress on all accounts as soon as they are created, check it out...