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    copy/convert contacts and send mail of UebiMiau to roundcube

    Hi, is it posible? copy data like contactlist and send mails from the old UebiMiau to roundcube?
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    choose webmail aplication

    when clients go to why don,t show first a page with the installed webmail applicaties?
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    how restore Admin Backup/Transfer databases manaly

    Hi, I can not restore some accounts automatic. So i want to restore them from the files from user.reseller.username.tar.gz I see for every database 3 files: user_database.conf user_database.dump.log user_database.sql How to restore them with all settings and password?
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    Need a online/offline serverstatus script

    Hi, I,Am searching for a script that checks multiple severs on multiple ports. When all servers are online then show: all servers seem apears online. When 1 of the servers (ip or port) not respond to the check then only show this sever as offline on the server status page. The script must run...
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    Update mysql 4.1 to 5.1 fails

    Why can whe not update from 4.1 tot 5.1? Its everytime the same problem but with different errors. (note i reinstalled mysql now with ./mysql,sh in de script directory so its now back to 4.1) The errors when tried to update: [root@server26 custombuild]# ./build mysql Found...
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    edit all .htaccess files in /home

    Hi, I just update the server from php5 in cgi to php5 in cli mode. But a lot off user has a .htaccess file with the following content: <FilesMatch "\.(inc|php|php3|php4|php5|php6|phtml|phps)$"> AddHandler x-httpd-php5 .php </FilesMatch> How can i grep all this .htaccess files and delete this...
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    unable to login phpmyadmin after php update

    Hello, some days ago whe have updated php to php5. whe dont have update mysql4 tot mysql5 because that will crash all joomla database. (whe will do that later..) Now when you try to login phpmyadmin you will get the message: U moet opwaarderen (upgraden) naar MySQL of hoger. (u must upgrade to...
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    directadmin backups fails restore

    Hello, After a server crash I installed a new server and now I can not restore one account because a mysql problem: Unable to restore database user&#95databaseuser.sql to user_databse : ERROR 1064 (42000) at line 1234 in file: '/home/user/backups/backup/user_database.sql': You have an error...
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    log(s) problem

    Hello, one 1 off our servers the apache logs /var/log/http/domains/ are not updated anymore, last update is from 2009... I have checked the permisions of the directory and files and the are ok. What can be the problem here? Edit: When i take a look to...
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    location backup databases

    Hello, When you do a mysql upgrade with ./build mysql where are the backups store? I have some problems with some databases and want to restore it, other daily backups are incorrupt from this database.
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    Problem with spamd and mass incomming mail.

    Hello, One of our accounts recieves mass email bouncers thats delevered to no existing mail accounts. (mail adres has been used by spammers as a fake sender) The catch all has the status "ignore" but its seems that spam assassin scan al those incomming mails wich results in a high server load...
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    Webmail problems

    Hello, I have update a server with the custombuild. Before update: apache 1.3, VMpop3, PHP4 After update: apache 2.2, Dovecot, php4 in cli, PHP5 in CGI Also I have updated opensll with te update script from weal. Now all webmail clients don,t work anymore. SquirrelMail error after login...
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    strange cron command

    Hello, I found the following line into our exim config: 2008-12-08 01:44:01 1L9UED-0000Dw-4H <= U=root P=local S=971 T="Cron <root@server22> chown root:root /home/mavicomn/domains/" from <> for...
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    Disable the ~ link

    Hello, How can I disable the /~user link? I want these set to off so its not posible to go to http://ip.adres/~user
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    problem install perl DBD::mysql

    hello, Whe have a problem with installing the perl DBD::mysql module Whe run: perl -MCPAN -e shell cpan>install DBD::mysql Gives these errors: for user 'root'@'localhost' (using password: NO) at t/76multi_statement.t line 15 t/80procs...................skipped all skipped: ERROR...
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    problem maillinglist, after restore

    Hello, last week our servers has been crashed and whe have restore it with the admin backups. After the restore the maillinglists not work anymore. The mainlog says: 2008-10-10 16:04:04 1KoIb6-00008L-7g <= ( []...
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    Install a SBS instant SSL certificate

    Hello, I have buyed (via enom) an SBS instant certificate and install it in directadmin. But firefox does not support this SSL certificate. Now i ask how does this comes. There answer: The SBS instant certificate requires that an intermediate certificate is...
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    SSL on a specific directory

    Hello, I want to make a ssl on But if I make a Create A Certificate Request I get the following error: Name must only contain letters, spaces and/or periode Is it posible to make a SSL on a specific directory? because I have now a (SBS) SSL on but when...
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    No Database Users after backup restore

    Hello, I have just bring the server back online witt the DA (old) backup function. But I have a strange problem: There are no database users on de server. All databases are complete restore to var/lib/mysql When you login into the user account you see -1 by users. when i login as root into...
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    diable fopen and cronjobs

    Hello, whe have disabled the fopen url function in the php.ini settings and add the following code in the custom apache user file when the user wants to enabled the url fopen function: php_admin_flag allow_url_fopen On This works perffect, but when the user used a cronjob witch used also the...