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    pure-ftpd to proftpd problem

    On a centos 8 server wich was initially installed with pureftpd during first installation, I am now converting it to proftpd doing this: cd /usr/local/directadmin/custombuild ./build update ./build set ftpd proftpd ./build update ./build proftpd After compiling proftd it seems to be running...
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    CentOS 8.1 (1911) released

    They just now released CentOS 8.1 (1911), here is the announcement: If you upgrade and experience any trouble, please post a reply about it here. Thank you.
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    External login page for all servers

    We are currently using a modified version of this script: so that our customers can login from one single place. We have modified the script so that all our shared hosting servers is in a drop down box, so customer can select wich server they want to...
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    CSF Messenger and not valid certificate

    I am trying to setup CSF Messenger for the first time. I got it working, but get a browser warning because it uses the hostname certificate instead of each of the user domain certificate. In csf.conf it does say that it support SNI and using each domain certificate, however that does not happen...
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    Actual memory usage php-fpm?

    I am somewhat confused about the amount of memory DirectAdmin report in GUI for php-fpm. This is on a server with 128 GB RAM: [root@server ~]# free -g total used free shared buff/cache available Mem: 125 22 1 15...
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    Disable TLS 1.1 as default

    Please consider this feature request: Please disable TLS 1.1 as default in DirectAdmin before the end of the year. The argument is that all major browsers will disable TLS 1.1 support at the beginning of 2020, here is the deadlines (the browsers will disasble TLS 1.0 and TLS 1.1 by those...
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    CentOS 8 = Big performance gains

    I would like to share a article with recent benchmarks of CentOS 8.0 vs CentOS 7.7, wich shows there is really big performance gains. Here is the article (make sure you read all 4 pages): Here is some quotes from the...
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    CentOS 7.7 released

    CentOS 7.7 was released today: - if you upgrade and get any problems, please share it here. And now they have one week until CentOS 8 will be released: Good times. :)
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    Acronis backup for DirectAdmin

    We are currently using R1Soft and their DirectAdmin module wich let our shared hosting customers log in to our R1Soft backup server and restore bacups. However we would like to use Acronis backup instead. But Acronis backup does not yet have a DirectAdmin module. If you also would like to use...
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    Admin Backup/Transfer to have option for user path

    We use R1Soft for backup on our shared hosting servers. However we don't use R1Soft for database backups, because we have found it to be unreliable. Instead we use "Admin Backup/Transfer" to setup a cron job for backing up all databases to /home/admin/admin_backups a few minutes before R1Soft...
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    Discontinue skin default and power_user

    Please consider to discontinue distributing of the skins "default" and "power_user". I see three reasons: 1: New DirectAdmin server admins might try the "default" because of the name, but then get a bad first impression of DirectAdmin because of the skin. But "default" skin is no longer...
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    cPanel price increase and demand for conversion script

    cPanel has announced they are changing to Account Based Pricing, and in the hot discussion thread at Webhostingtalk: Massive cPanel price rises some users report they are going to get several hundred percent price increase in licensing cost. Of course this is good news for DirectAdmin, wich...
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    RedHat 8 released, waiting for CentOS 8

    RedHat 8 GA was released only five hours ago, here is the official announcement: Now I am eager to see CentOS 8 released soon, let's hope we will only need to wait a couple of weeks. Then I hope DirectAdmin will be able to quckly test CentOS 8 and...
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    Email forwarder, move spam to system mailbox account

    It is a ongoing problem when using SpamAassassin, when users create a email forwarder with no corresponding email account, then all spam is forwarded to remote mail box except high scoring spam wich of course is deleted. So I have this feature request: When a user create a email forwarder wich...
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    Feature request: DNS only

    For our name servers we use small VPS servers wich do not have a lot of RAM. And we of cource setup everything with DirectAdmin multiserver. It would be great if there was a option in directadmin.conf or options.conf to disable everything except what is needed to run the DNS for a name server...
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    Use same smtp/imap/pop address across servers

    Currently we have several shared hosting servers setup with DirectAdmin multiserver. All our shared hosting customers use server.hostname.tld as smtp/imap/pop mail address. That works good, exept when we are migrating/replacing servers, then the both the hostname and IP is changing, and we must...
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    with-fpm-systemd removed from configure.php72

    I am about to upgrade from PHP 7.1.x to PHP 7.2.x. I have custom versions of configure.php71 and configure.php72 I am comparing the default /usr/local/directadmin/custombuild/configure/fpm/configure.php71 and configure.php72 with my custom version of that file. One difference that stands out...
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    Configure phpMyAdmin for SSL connection

    I have always used phpMyAdmin on https, and have used a .htaccess in /var/www/html/phpMyAdmin-4.8.2-all-languages to redirect to https However when I log into phpMyAdmin (on server hostname by the way), at the right column under the heading "Database server" it says: "Server connection: SSL is...
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    Custom HTTPD Configurations for multiple domains

    In my custom PHP-FPM file at /usr/local/directadmin/data/templates/custom/php-fpm.conf I have this line: php_admin_value[opcache.file_cache] = |HOME|/.opcache However I am trying to to something like this: |*if DOMAIN="DOMAIN.TLD"| php_admin_value[opcache.file_cache] = |*else|...
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    Domainlist to show number of domain pointers for each domain

    When a user has many domains and many domain pointers in a user account, it can be hard for the user to keep track of wich domain pointers that has been added to wich domains. Would it be possible to add number of domain pointers in parenthesis to the right of each domain in the domain list at...