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    As it's been requested multiple times, let's have a public changelog for CustomBuild 2.0 :) Revisions skipped means there were minor changes to typos/comments etc. 2425 - Fix MariaDB installation on CentOS6 boxes. 2524 - Fix installation of yajl-devel and lua-devel from PowerTools repo on...
  2. smtalk

    CustomBuild 2.0 rev. 2369 with steroids

    Hello, CB 2.0 rev. 2369 has been released. It's a huge release for developers :) As it now lets you overwrite any call, execute pre/post hooks etc. For example, you could now: 1) create "./build varnish" or just overwrite regular "./build apache" call with whatever you want by using pre-call...
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    New documentation

    Hello, is in production now :) It doesn't have all of the articles from the yet, but we'll keep adding new threads there. We'll be waiting for the suggestions/feedback! Thank you!
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    "Dark" subtheme

    We've released a 2nd subtheme ("dark mode") which is bundled by default with DA pre-release binaries. You may test it live on :)
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    PHP configure/php/configure.phpXX files

    CustomBuild (rev. 2305) has been modified to always use configure/php/configure.phpXX files instead of configure/mode/configure.phpXX, so, we finally have a single place to edit the config :) Old custom/ configs would still be in effect (backwards compatibility). Another change: mod_php will...
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    How-to: build PHP 5.3/5.4/5.5 on Debian9/10/CentOS8

    Newer OS versions run OpenSSL 1.1, which is not compatible with PHP 5.3/5.4/5.5. If you'd like to 'workaround it' (not recommended), you can use this for php-fpm type of PHP, example is for PHP 5.3: cd /usr/local/directadmin/custombuild mkdir -p custom/php cp -p configure/php/configure.php53...
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    How-to: use pre hooks to block particular files

    One customer asked how to block xmlrpc and wp-trackback files globally using OpenLiteSpeed: RewriteRule ^/(xmlrpc|wp-trackback)\.php - [F,L,NC] I'd suggest adding this code to /usr/local/directadmin/data/templates/custom/cust_openlitespeed.CUSTOM.5.pre and rewriting confs then: cd...
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    "Traditional" subtheme

    We've created first sub-theme for Evolution, which is named "traditional". As it's layout-only thing, you get new features with every update of Evolution :) It's first iteration, so, if you'd like something to be applied for this specific subtheme - please mention it in this thread. Screenshot...
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    [How-to] Show real IPs in OpenLitespeed with CloudFlare enabled

    Edit /usr/local/lsws/conf/httpd-accesscontrol.conf, find: allow ALL Replace with (IPs from allow ALL,,,,,
  10. smtalk

    CLI backup strategy for incremental backup

    Even if tools like ClusterLogics and R1Soft integrate with DirectAdmin, and incremental backup solutions like exist, if you'd like to use free incremental backup utility (while it gets integrated into DirectAdmin), here is a short description of the idea: DirectAdmin...
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    How-to: mod_pagespeed for apache

    Due to some requests that people find it difficult to install mod_pagespeed, I'm just writing a guide for now :) As DirectAdmin does not use RPM for Apache, and mod_pagespeed provides 'source installation' packages only for nginx, it creates difficulties for some end-customers. However, it's not...
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    'Icons Grid' layout

    Hello, Due to many requests to see how our new 'icons grid' layout for the Evolution skin might look like, we're announcing a fully working skin on this, bundled with DirectAdmin 1.57.3. We are really looking forward to hear your feedback/recommendations on this. Screenshot: Thank you!
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    How-to: restore cPanel backup in DirectAdmin

    Click here for the Technical Migration Guide ---- If you have a cpmove-user.tar.gz file, it can now be restored directly in DA interface. Please note this functionality is new, so, please test it carefully until we get more feedback :) Please make sure it's you who created cpmove-user.tar.gz...
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    How-to: big cPanel email-only server migration

    We've received some requests to write a guide on how to migrate email-only server. First step would be to create a cPanel backup without email data, but with email accounts. Something like this might help...
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    FAQ for DirectAdmin new customers

    Hello, Due to many new questions on DirectAdmin as a panel, I'm creating this article to answer some of the most common questions. If you have any questions not mentioned here - feel free to post them to the thread :) Q: Appearance: What layouts come with DirectAdmin? A: DirectAdmin Evolution...
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    How-to: cPanel to DA migration

    As we're getting more and more questions on how to use, I've decided to write this article to make it clear :) See the 2nd post if you'd just like to try it for a single or couple accounts. FAQ for new customers...
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    Vue widget example

    Hello, I'm attaching "Your Account" widget to show how native elements/translations etc. could be used in vue widgets (native widgets without any iframe, using skin elements, notification system etc.). You may change the text of the widget title in in...
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    libModSecurity (ModSecurity 3.0 support)

    Hello, I'd just like to announce that CustomBuild 2.0 rev. 1965 finally supports libModSecurity (ModSecurity 3.0) for nginx (and nginx_apache). Due to high instability and segfaulting, support for ModSecurity 2.x has been dropped completely when webserver=nginx/nginx_apache is set. Comodo WAF...
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    How-to: ISPManager to DA

    Hello, I've created ISPManager->DA backup conversion tool. Please note it's ALPHA. Usage: wget -O wget -O parse_ispmanager.php chmod 700 parse_ispmanager.php...
  20. smtalk

    How-to: FTS (full text search) in dovecot using solr

    Install java 8 or greater, check with: java -version Install solr: wget -O solr-7.7.0.tgz tar xzf solr-7.7.0.tgz solr-7.7.0/bin/ --strip-components=2 bash solr-7.7.0.tgz su -m solr...