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  1. r3chn3r

    roundcube question

    Hello, I recently started a server and decided to use openlitespeed to try it out. It seems to work well but I noticed Roundcube doesn't load now. I put it back to apache but still no Roundcube so I figure that can't be it. I'm using custombuild 2.0 to manage all of this. Any tips where I can...
  2. r3chn3r


    I noticed in hybrid and icon grid modes, the panel displays in a couple of frames. Frames are ugly and very 1990s.. In this aspect, I feel like we are going backwards.
  3. r3chn3r

    Server Load but 99% Idle

    So I was digging for ways to find a load problem, but failed miserably. Ultimately, I want to spread out the backup process over a longer period of time to lower the load on the box, but the load issue needs to be resolved first so I'm not just killing all backups. It also wouldn't hurt to...
  4. r3chn3r

    Custombuild loop building apache

    Samething happens for litespeed. Over 24 hours of high cpu trying to build either of those. Bin/m4 and autom4te dominating cpu. Build apache seems to just restart. Not much in the logs. Thinking I should just yum it.
  5. r3chn3r

    Exim has TLS remote code execution

    I guess this is new but it appears exim with TLS is vulnerable to unauthenticated remote code execution attacks. Update: I see another thread about this and it is already being handled. Please delete this..
  6. r3chn3r

    Quirks on a galaxy s10+

    I wanna say the changes and improvements in the last couple of da releases has been amazing. I really didn't like the earlier releases as much as I had grown to love 'enhanced'. So I am very accustomed to enhanced, even on a mobile phone. That was until I noticed the thread about a web guide...
  7. r3chn3r

    cPanel Price Hike

    They just raised rates like crazy. Could be an opportunity for someone to make a solid theme.
  8. r3chn3r

    Adding to the loglist

    Hi, Is there a way to add logs to the log viewer?