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    How to change the "from" email address?

    Reviving an old thread here - thanks Brent for linking to the archived suggestion Whats the best method to have this added as a feature?
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    DirectAdmin First Timer: How To Install DirectAdmin On CentOS 7 Guide

    Just wanted to say thanks for the awesome guide. You've put in alot of time and effort - so thanks again!
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    Do DirectAdmin sales or support ever reply

    Richard Im not too sure where you are getting your information from but you need to get your facts straight. 1. If receiving a thumb-suck response from support 12 - 24 hours after logging a support request is considered acceptable within your business or line of work then great for you. In...
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    Reseller Permissions - Unblock IP on CSF

    The module that I have does work with reseller accounts on other systems, so im trying to find out if DA can allow resellers to have these permissions. If so it would be awesome.
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    Do DirectAdmin sales or support ever reply

    The fact that I have been here for hardly any time has no baring on how long I've been a client for. I dont have all day to spend chatting, debating and arguing on forums hence my post count is not 4672 As I said, I love the product and push it far more than cPanel - my comment was based on the...
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    Reseller Permissions - Unblock IP on CSF

    Can whmcs connect to that?
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    Reseller Permissions - Unblock IP on CSF

    that seems to be a feature to allow csf to have its own interface which is not what Im looking for, the less you expose the better Ideally wanting to find out if DA has a way to grant resellers...
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    Reseller Permissions - Unblock IP on CSF

    One of the modules that we use is failing due to insufficient privileges so I want to know if there is a way to allow a single reseller permission to unblock IP's on CSF? 2020:04:17-13:00:05: XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX attempted to login as RESELLERUSER using login_key whmcs, but the command...
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    Do DirectAdmin sales or support ever reply

    I feel the OP's pain with regards to getting responses to support. This is an issue which DA need to address, their response times are unacceptable and fail miserably in comparison to cpanel. Dont get me wrong, I love DA, but their support is almost non existent.
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    DirectAdmin 1.60.0 RC1

    Well done guys
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    "Dark" subtheme

    I did, I tried modern and classic whilst under dark mode and see no difference (with exception to logo changing and the colour of the theme)
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    "Dark" subtheme

    Looks awesome, now its time to update the icon pack. The current icons work well with the white theme, but they are not doing the dark theme any justice.
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    Which control panel do you prefer? cPanel, Plesk, DirectAdmin etc...

    Definitely a troll We run both, and DirectAdmin is in so many ways better than cPanel. Our resellers and clients prefer DA over cPanel.
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    how to fix, to wordpress asking ftp for installing plugines

    I suspect that your wordpress permissions are incorrect. Check permissions on these folders /wp-content/uploads /wp-content/plugins /wp-content/themes
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    whmcs module for csf

    Yes there is, It works great if you connect to DA as admin account, does not work if your account is setup as a reseller. @ModulesGarden
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    DirectAdmin 1.59.5 has been released

    Just upgraded and ran into an issue creating resellers via whmcs. WHMCS reports that the create user command was successful how ever the account is not created. When attempting to create a dummy reseller via DirectAdmin control panel the following error is received - bare in mind, this all...
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    whmcs config issues

    Howdy all, Have any of you seen an issue where whmcs is not able to pull a list of created packages for a reseller account? The drop down Package Name is blank under Setup > Products/Services > Module Settings after selecting module Direct Admin Connection the server succeeds when I add the...