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  1. unixguru

    Integrate Simple Greylist script with the rspamd plugin

    Hi, I'm using the following greylisting script in /etc/exim.greylist.conf # Grey Listing warn set acl_m_greyfile = /etc/virtual/greylist/${length_255:\ ${sg{$sender_host_address}{\N\.\d+$\N}{}},\ ${sg{$sender_address,$local_part@$domain}{\N[^\w.,=@-]\N}{} }} defer message =...
  2. unixguru

    OpenLiteSpeed compatibility with CloudLinux

    I've found that PHP Selector appears to work perfectly with OpenLitesSpeed. But I've had to move customers with node.js to either LiteSpeed or Apache nodes. Have I got a dodgy system, or is node.js Selector not currently working with OpenLiteSpeed?
  3. unixguru

    DirectAdmin Nginx & LiteSpeed?

    I'm looking to build some DA servers on elastic VPSs (CPUs are dynamically added and removed etc), so I need a way to support many many static requests if the server gets bigger for a day, and then not so many if it contracts. This messes up the licensing with LiteSpeed, as I would either need...
  4. unixguru

    Creation of users times out, even for Admin user.

    Your connection has timed out Details Either your request was invalid or the program hasn't completed your request. Please notify the server admin I have a server where every user creation task fails, whether done by hand or programmatically. It was working on the 3rd of August, but no...
  5. unixguru

    LetsEncypt certificates for the server?

    Is there a quick reliable way for the servers shared certificate to be provided by LetsEnrcypt through the GUI?
  6. unixguru

    Comodo WAF supports LiteSpeed. Does Custom Build need to build modsecurity?

    We've recently upgraded our Apache webservers to LiteSpeed, but our Comodo WAF is not working, as mod_security is not built by custombuild. Looking at CWAF, it supports LiteSpeed. LiteSpeed should work with the CWAF rules. But how do I get CWAF installed into DirectAdmin with the litespeed...
  7. unixguru

    Accouont creation. New account or restore?

    A simple question, I'm not expecting a Yes, but thought I would ask anyway. When an account is created, is there anything that you can do to determine whether the account creation is 'new' (though the GUI, or from WHCS/Hostbill) or a Restore (kicked off by DirectAdmin's GUI). Only I restrict...
  8. unixguru

    Custom Script to run when reseller is upgraded?

    Hi, I use cloudlinux and allow users to have unlimited domains, but have scripts which create a special conf-file in their area which contains amoungst others a variable MAX_USERS=xxx, so resellers cannot have unlimited sub-accounts. This file is picked used...
  9. unixguru

    Admin Backup not functioning correctly on one of my Machines

    I've got dozens of DirectAdmin servers all working well, but one in particular doesn't backup the file under domains in a users directory. It does mail and dbs, but not the actuall website. What script is responsible for the Admin-Level backup? I've md5sum'd the directadmin binaries and they...
  10. unixguru

    Stop the naughty people

    Hi, I would like to stop exim from send from any address other than those defined at email addresses on the server. I get a few naughty users sign up and dump spam until I find them. Their outgoing addresses aere <random>@<server_name> which is giving us a bad rep. I would rather have a bad...
  11. unixguru

    Backups not containing public_html directory

    I've recently have a number of hacks to wordpress blogs, where customers haven't updated regularly. I take admin and reseller backups, and have in the past been able to restore these backups. However, it would appear that recent backups do not contain the public_html directory, which kind of...
  12. unixguru

    Stop suspicious emails?

    Is there a way to ensure that exim will only send mails from correctly configured email accounts on the server. i.e. stops users sending from addresses not configured in their users accounts? I've got a server and some suspected spammers. Also is there a way to query exim about how many mails...
  13. unixguru

    Change DirectAdmin CP's SSL Timeout for RVSiteBuilder

    I have RVSiteBuilder installed for my users, however, recently I have installed SSL certificates for using directadmin and use ssl_redirect=http://... to redirect users etc.. Well RVSiteBuilder was never the speediest thing, but since the installation of SSL, it appears to timeout...
  14. unixguru

    User's Error log always empty???

    I have one particular user, whose error log is always blank, and it suddenly starting happening, I know it used to contain errors, because I helped him troubleshoot something weeks ago. It appears blank in the control and I checked the file in /var/log/httpd/domains, that's empty. I checked...
  15. unixguru

    Gallery 3 does not work with php5.3.6 and suPHP

    Now I have both php5.3 and suPHP by Gallary3 installations have died. I googled this and played about for ages, has anyone else been able to fix this issue on a directadmin box? Error Log [Sun Mar 27 22:43:18 2011] [error] [client] Premature end of script headers: index.php...
  16. unixguru

    piped emails with suPHP not working. Is there a fix

    I have a hosting panel with helpdesk built in. My piped emails worked correctly. I have however recently recompiled with suPHP installed (php-cgi). Now my piped emails have stopped working. Does anyone know how to fix or work-round this problem? Many thanks in advance for any suggestions.
  17. unixguru

    Admin Backup Issues

    I'm having issues with performing an Admin backup to a USB drive attached to my server. I can perform Admin backups across FTP to other servers, but always get this message /backups/admin/AdminBackups/alco/backup/<domainname>/email/passwd : Unable to get Lock on file for many files also...