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    I couldn't find how to update DirectAdmin to PHP 5.6.16

    Because of joomla security issue, the server's DirectAdmin PHP version should be upgrade to 5.6.16 (from current 5.6.12 verison) How should I do it without or with CustomBuild? Note that CustomBuild says the latest acceptable PHP version is 5.6.12 (that we do currently have)...
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    What are allowed characters for password in DirectAdmin?

    Please let me know the allowed characters that can be used in passwords of DirectAdmin control panel. I couldn't use Uc7+?Ty$ as password and I got the following error: Invalid Password Thank you
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    What are mod_security rule set that are compatible with DirectAdmin?

    I have found some free sets of mod_security rules on the net. For example: (I changed its name to something else) But when I add it beside current modsecurity_crs_10_config (that is listed...
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    Executing linux command after new diretctadmin user created

    I have got for more security, I should use maldetect tool. The command `maldet -m user` will take care of every file that any user changes (and/or uploades) for threats. Whenever we execute the command, it shows list of users and watches them for changes. After a new user is created, the user...
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    Restore only some of the datas of a complete backup of directadmin

    Suppose that we have a complete directadmin user's data backup. Is that possible to restore only some data (eg Database only, or File and Folders only) from that complete backup?
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    Cron jobs to backup from selected user(s) are not listed in Admin Backup/Transfer lis

    I have selected some users to be backed up using directadmin's Admin Backup/Transfer tool. If I would select all users, it would list the cron jobs at the bottom of the page. But now it doesn't list the crons that are for just some of the users. How should I edit/manage user(s) to those backup...