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  1. ayeweb

    http2 with alpn support

    Hello, I try to follow this topic and i use Nginx_Apache But results "ALPN is not supported." follow link I did below... To enable HTTP/2 in Nginx: cd...
  2. ayeweb

    Nginx standalone or Nginx reverse proxy for low memory with WordPress

    90% of my vps are WordPress But my vps have low memory. Should Nginx standalone or Nginx reverse proxy to keep more memory? Thank you very much.
  3. ayeweb

    Looking for VPS in Asia with directadmin

    ram 6 gb cpu 4 core or more ssd storage 50gb+ Free support transfer from my old VPS Thank you
  4. ayeweb

    connection to IMAP server failed

    Hello, I have a issue with mail server. I updated the server to php7 and when i try to login webmail. Got error message like "connection to IMAP server failed" And our support do for the best and still can't solve the problem. //Can try to login here. Thank you...