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    Please let us have all some consens about those important things and terms.

    Ok sorry to bring in this. I guess / expect however it becomes a problem if there is no consensus here at DA and Forum about which yes or no and how to use in Future. While at other places changes takes place. ( Black, white grey things and also MAster slave in IT related need some workover...
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    dovecadmn expunge errors sofar i know after 1.61 da update

    IN errortaskq.log full with: Not only trash but for all email adresses and folders. DA version 1.61 centos 7.x dovecot sorry i updated before i have noted version So i did update for few hours ago DA to 1.61.1 en dovecot to latest. ( Those with the custombuild plugin GUI latest 2.0.0...
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    PHP-FPM enable status in GUI DA?

    Could this be handy in the DA GUI for server admins?? and for apache also then ofcourse. For such to find out more?
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    SFP howto manuals and procedure to old?

    Read here why spf as directadmin does it now is maybe a to old way todo it? While this document from August 30, 2017 For example: In this howto and probably more.
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    Key exchange 'ffdhe3072' or even 'ffdhe4096' instead of own created DH 2048 , 3072 while is not safe enough anymore, and cipher order preference

    Read here about user and discussion. DH-3072 != ffdhe3072 so that is my mistake and many more i guess here :cry: You can download files with predefined groups ffdhe3072 or ffdhe4096 ? don't know howto in Directadmin? GUIDELINES...
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    Some about MX 0 NULL Record and also parked domains

    Please read document. Then is it possible to have such options in Directadmin GUI / API ? So if choosen no mail at all for domain set automatic MX 0 and if external MAIl then as now is possible MX external. NULL...
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    ProFTPd with SFTP, custombuild overwrites conf after update proftpd with custombuild gui

    Was working before! This installation setup. This step is? same as this ? Then not working anymore after update can't connect to port 23 , csf...
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    I have webalizer probs centos 8 but some topics are old

    Here you can't fill in centos 8 . :cry: Info for Admins: Downloading a new webalizer binary Version 2.23-08. While there is in centos8 a and not 2 old to? Installed DA with php 7.2x...
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    Knowledge base and help howto files renew or adding parts for use with CENTOS 8.

    Some parts of manuals , howto's faq,s are to old for when using CENTOS8 NetworkManager and crypto policies .. ONE important Example here Manually adding an additional IP to a specific network device is not the way to go with centos 8, where...
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    I don't like the free G..Gle link and advertising haha

    As you can sometime see in users who are online: THIS: With free link to the webmaster.. also this way getting free seo link juice.... :mad:
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    Error updating DA on CENTOS 8 but it did worked after installation

    EDIT: i don't think this is CENTOS 8 related see reply 2 and 3 Try updating DA from DirectAdmin 1.59.4 update to 1.59.5 , with custombuild gui and cli same errors. It worked however with/after installation of DA itself. Is a openstack instance lanip/license install. of DA with at ens3:0...
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    SNAPSHOTS DISKIMAGES change ip change hostname howto some info old links not working

    For all who use snapshots, create diskimages, instances and so on. Change ip's and also maybe change hostnames. AND LAN installation / vps.. Here some links in one post that could be handy. :rolleyes: Some with license and other manuals / howtos are old or links not working...
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    Info about some security from rack911 labs and some control panels
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    Mariadb 10.0.4 centos8 fresh install O_TMPFILE is not supported on /tmp (di

    CENTOS 8 fresh install da with a mounted active /tmp installed this way and chmod 1777 /tmp al notes when starting
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    New install DA should have tls 1.1 disabled by default

    New install DA should have tls 1.1 disabled by default While but it is not only SSLLABS. Please take care , and all who can disable TLS 1.0 and TLS 1.1 where you can. :rolleyes:
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    Install DA on CENTOS 8 v2 selinux and howto / docu and EPEL

    Please take care here or in docu / wiki for a howto with more infos about new, changed and depricated stuff. Also for hardening CENTOS 8 in combination with DA? Some cipher parts in configs are different. SELINUX is default in and on enforce. Maybe if possible at all to have a DA config for...
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    LETS ENCRYPT FAILED after disable ssl for domain should this be automaticly ?

    Latest DA version. after I disabled only SSL for that domain. This error: NOT ok in my opinion: So the automic renewal error after disabling ssl for that domain , i think BUG ? while together with disable SSL should also the automatic retry for LE be disabled / deleted. IS not the case...
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    2222/user/domains evolution skin colums also ip and redirects show

    Under 2222/user/domains evolution skin under colums Nice to have the option under show for also ip and redirects
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    Spam not marking or delete spam mails but reject all of those is better for legal law

    If no matter who sends mail with wrong emailserver settings it should not be tagged as spam, or deleted whatever. Legal and LAW if one received mail ( so also important ones ) and they are deleted or taged as spam and not read. You could have some legal problems. The best ( is no legal...
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    DMARc SPF autoreply vacation message Gmail fails

    IF "100%" DMARc, DKIM, SPF are used with p=reject. Then Vacation message set in DA CP GUI replied to gmail adressed are rejected. How to solve this while i know with forwarding it could be... But this should not be a problem hostname is mailhost and mailserver DKIM dns for that domain has...