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    Roundcube | Import messages says Maximum allowed file size is 5.0 MB

    Dear friends I want to restore my inbox from another server's roundcube to my directadmin's roundcube I loged into the DA and click on my folder and then clicked on the Setting button below the folders section and choosed IMPORT MESSAGES It allow me to address the backup file but below the...
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    Is it safe to order directadmin Lincese from

    Dear Support Is it safe to order directadmin license from this reseller? I can see that they sell lifetime license for 99USD Are the authorized resellers? Regards
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    IP is blacklisted even if we put it in /usr/local/directadmin/data/admin/ip_whit

    Dear friend We have addressed our IP address in /usr/local/directadmin/data/admin/ip_whitelist and removed our ip from ip_blacklist file But we still see our IP is listed in ip_blacklist file and this is very frustrating for us. Is there any other place that we need to white list our IP...
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    Location of DirectAdmin interface setting/config files

    Dear friends Within directAdmin's interface/Control panel, each item has a hyperlink For example if you place your mouse on phpMyAdmin item it will have a hyper link like: These links are relative. It means that if you login to the DirectAdmin using another username...
  5. T gives "No input file specified" after SuPHP+open_basedir gives "No input file specified" after SuPHP+open_basedir Dear friends Our php mode is suphp and we realized that the open_basedir flah is not working with suphp So for avoiding user's to have access to other user's directories we were forced to implement the OLD WAY...
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    DirectAdmin recognize another PHP configuration else than custombuild version

    Dear friends We have rebuild our PHP using custom build. I realized that in the directadmin interface, the directadmin is not reading PHP configuration from our custom build and is referring to another PHP configuration file else than the original one which users are using that. The problem is...
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    This is an automated message notifying you that a new license file has been successfu

    Hello guys Today i received a message from my server like this. I haven't updated or re-installed the license. Is it normal? Or it is related to renewing the license on directadmin's store? My license is a monthly one.
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    LVE Manager not working anymore , CloudLinux Issue

    Dear sirs. First of all we know that this is not cloudlinux forum and it may not be related to directadmin at all but since we are experiencing it on directadmin we thought that someone here may be able to help us. We have installed CloudLinux on our CentOS 5.9 with Directadmin control panel...
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    Custombuild PHP compilation log file

    Dear sirs. We have added --with-pear into /usr/local/directadmin/custombuild/configure/ap2/configure.php5 After compiling the PHP and running "./build rewrite_confs" we get error on a page with which we want to send email. Our investigations ended up in an issue with PEAR. We think that PEAR...
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    Remove "installed perl modules" from user-end panel

    Hello there, We have installed directadmin with capri skin on our CentOS6.5_86x64 OS with CloudLinux. Users are seeing a module in their control panel which is "installed perl modules" We don't like to have it visible for our users (We have secured PERL and they are not able to execute perl...
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    DirectAdmin's plugin manager stuck in installation progress and don't go further

    Hello guys I have installed directadmin. i clicked on Plugin Manager section and add litespeed plugin URL and type my admin password for Directadmin control panel: And after that a blank pages appear while the browser is constantly working...