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    Directadmin fileserver down?

    Trying to use custombuild to change PHP vesions and custombuild is showing 404 errors when trying to pull files. is also not responding to pings. Skipping pigz tarball, needs more arguments in doclean_old_tarballs(). Downloading php-5.4.28.tar.gz...
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    Server hacked, now what?

    I have been having some serious hacking problems on one of my domains. Long story short the main DA account for that domain was hacked. I was able to go through the logs and find what was altered and make repairs as well as change passwords and the like. The only way they could have gotten the...
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    Update Bind

    I am running CentOS 5.10 and using CustomBuild 2.0. When I tried to update Bind using yum no updates were found even though I am running version Bind 9.3.6. When I checked the options for yum I found "chroot-bind" listed as an excluded package along with the typical ones that DA uses. How do I...
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    DNS becomes unresponsive

    This is a bit of a weird problem. I just installed custombuild 2 and currently my installed software looks like this: Apache 2.4.9 Running DirectAdmin 1.45.2 Running Exim 4.69 Running MySQL 5.0.51a Running Named 9.3.6 Running ProFTPd 1.3.1 Running sshd Running dovecot 1.2.10 Running Php 5.5.12...
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    Mass email deleting for admin account

    Is there a way other than via ssh to quickly purge all of the email on the admin account? At the domain level I can purge an account of all email but I do not see any way to quickly do this for the main server admin account. This is only an issue because due to a recent botched upgrade I now...
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    Finding a wordpress hacker

    One of the wordpress based sites on my server has been hacked twice in the last month. Only one out of many so I suspect that only this one domain has been compromised. Each time they add some malicious code to the header.php files of all of the themes on the site. I have changed the files to...
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    CentOS/Email Problem

    I wasn't sure if I should post this in this forum or the email forum so please move this post if it belongs elsewhere. I have a problem (I consider it so) on one of my servers running CentOS and Directadmin. This server has multiple IPs yet all mail, no matter what IP the domain resides on...
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    Where is the mail?

    I have a domain with two email accounts on it: login:domain login: The user account is emptied out daily (client email app) and the domain account it never used. Currently the account lists 3.52 GB of email storage usage (in total). Where is...
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    Spam email in que using non-existent email account on locally hosted domain

    I am having a problem where my server is accepting email generated remotely using a non-existent email address. I have gone through the logs and the settings for this one domain and the domain is set to bounce incoming mail for non-existent addresses but I can't see anything dealing with...
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    Server Move

    I am looking for someone who can perform a server move for me. I am currently running FreeBSD 7.x 64-bit directadmin with about 17 domains. I have just begun leasing a new server elsewhere and am looking for someone who can move everything over and get it working. Leased server includes a...
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    Moving from 32 to 64 bit FreeBSD7.x

    I am currently running the 32-bit version of FreeBSD 6.4. I would like to run FreeBSD 7.x 64-bit. I currently have a Dell T105 server (Opteron 1212 4GB RAM) and several spare SATA drives. I have the OS on one drive (250GB) and /home on a second (320GB). What is my best course of action to move...
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    Can't ping DNS after upgrade from 6.3 -> 6.4

    I just upgraded my system from FreeBSD 6.3 to 6.4. I thought everything was going well but now I can't ping my name servers. I know the server is on the Internet because I can access sites that I was accessing before the upgrade but sites i have not visited in a while are not coming up.
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    Disk Space Issues

    I added a 500GB drive to my server three months ago and it is now near 79% capacity. The disk usage from my "show all users' section is less than 10GB total. I found my problem and it is related to the weekly system backup I run. (I do nightly domain level backups as well). Is there any way...
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    Webalizer broken for some users

    I am having a problem where some users can access webalizer stats while others only get a blank page. I am using freebsd 6.3
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    DNS Alias/Change?

    Is it possible to set a DA server to have more than one name for each DNS? Currently I have 2 IP's on my server - ns1.domain.tld - ns2.domain.tld I want to change my DNS to: - ns1.otherdomain.tld - ns2.otherdomain.tld Is it...
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    Account Limits

    I have a user account that runs a topsites style site. Because he is hotlinking two files (an image and a script) I often see 50+ httpd processes requesting these two files from outside sources. For the most part this is not a major issue but every few days one of the sites that hotlinks sees a...
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    What is that httpd doing?

    Is there anyway to find out which domain an httpd process is working for? I just checked one of my servers and I see this: last pid: 46052; load averages: 67.09, 62.47, 52.07 up 1+00:48:10 19:03:45 289 processes: 55 running, 234 sleeping CPU states: 62.9% user, 0.0% nice, 37.1% system...
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    Change default vhost

    I would like to change the default vhost that appears when someone tries to access a domain that no longer exists on the server. Right now it goes to /var/www/html but I want it to go to www.defaultdomain.tld instead. Where and how do I make this change? Thanks in advance.
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    upload problem - wordpress

    I hope this is the correct place to put this problem. I have a site that runs on wordpress. It belongs to the admin account and was moved from another server via tar/scp. While it is possible to FTP files and use the directadmin file manager to upload files it is impossible to use the internal...
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    Where are the httpd.conf files?

    Where does DA store the custom httpd.conf files for domains? I need to edit one because of the way I choose to do subdomains (don't want it as a subdirectory of public_html). I have no idea where to find these files and the Custom HTTPD Configurations area does not allow me to edit the file.