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    IP blacklisted

    I've tried multiple failed login attempts now the IP has been blacklisted, How to remove it from blacklist in direct admin panel
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    error with wget: use `--no-check-certificate` for licenses/updates

    I'm trying to update license but facing following error server# ./ 1234 5678 --13:13:11-- => `/usr/local/directadmin/conf/license.key' Resolving Connecting to...
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    Install CSF firewall ?

    How to install and configure CSF firewall on directadmin control panel ?
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    Install directadmin on Ubuntu ?

    How can I install direct admin on ubuntu ? Which version is supporting for direct admin installation ?
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    Enable allow_url_fopen in directadmin ?

    How to enable php extension in directadmin control panel?
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    Backup of database ?

    How do i take database backup ?
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    How Do I install SSL certificate in direct admin panel ?

    I want to install SSL certificate, how do I install it in direct admin panel ?
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    Direct admin control panel configuration ?

    Please share the recommended configuration settings of direct admin control panel
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    Requirements to install direct admin ?

    Can anyone share recommended requirements to install and configure direct admin panel ?