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    Using Pipe Character as a character in templates

    The pipe character is used to start and end a designated or custom token. However, I need to pass the pipe character | as text in a custom template. I'm not sure DA will let me do it. I have read Translating hardcoded DirectAdmin results . I've...
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    Email Forwarder Creation 'Bug'

    I have detected what I consider a bug in DA. I have not found anything in the forums that speaks to this issue. If one attempts to create a new email account but enters a current, existing name, when the submission is processed, an error message will result stating, "That user already exists"...
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    Assigning Server IP the status of "server" through DA?

    I have yet to find this question answered anywhere in the DA forums..... and Google was not my friend on this issue. This issue has nothing to do with DNS, ftp, or anything else -it's strictly an IP issue. In DA, when looking at 'IP Manager' at the admin level or 'IP Configuration' at the...
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    nothing being logged in /var log/directadmin

    Totally bizarre problem here. Logins to DA are being logged as far as history, but nothing - absolutely nothing - is being logged into the files in /var/log/directadmin. The last file change/addition was almost a week ago - which is not good considering that I have logged into DA many times...