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    MPM mode

    i dont see any new version of custombuild. I need to install some beta version? I mean the newest version is rev: 2447 @edit nevermind, from other location it's working fine. @edit2 It's working, Thanks smtalk
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    MPM mode

    2.0.0 (rev: 2446)
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    MPM mode

    I had the same problem... After build php it's auto change to prefork. But after rebuild_confs it's change to selected one (i've got selected Event prefork in directadmin config). I can't rebuild/update php becouse it's always change MPM for apache. Any solution? Mod_ruid2 disabled, enabled...
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    phpMyAdmin and Roundcube error 500

    Never mind... Some error in custom httpd php settings (i've add 256 not 256M). Can we close topic?
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    phpMyAdmin and Roundcube error 500

    Hey, i've got error on Roundcube and phpMyAdmin with error 500. [30-Jan-2020 11:35:21 Europe/Warsaw] PHP Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 2097152 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 65536 bytes) in /var/www/html/roundcubemail-1.4.2/program/include/iniset.php on line 75 [30-Jan-2020 11:38:41...
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    Additional extension but 503 error - on php cli works fine

    Hey i've got problem - i successfully compile v8 and v8js (v8 version 7.5.289) and v8js 2.1.1 but the website have problem and i recive 503 error. Error logs: [Wed Jul 03 14:10:26.139495 2019] [proxy_fcgi:error] [pid 31554:tid 140312839788288] [client ip:39057] AH01067: Failed to read FastCGI...
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    Letsencrypt and mail subdomains

    Hello. I got problem with letencrypt. I make letsencrypt for hostname but when people connect to they've got error about hostname missmatch. The problem it's with connect to mail with SSL (i want to resolve that problem to connect from unsecured domain, it's...
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    SuPHP - Subdomains error 500

    Hello. I install directadmin wih suphp + cgi and i have problem with subdomains.. I get error 500 on all create subdomains (html work fine in subdomain, only problem with php). Simple php like echo work, but i we want to install something like wordpress than error 500. Thanks.
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    Reverse DNS problem with multi-server

    Hello. I use multi-server with two directadmin. i got problem on second server with ptr records (in first it's working ok). First server; hostname: ns1: ns2: Second server: hostname: ns1:
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    Multi server some question

    Hello. I setup multi server on my two directadmin servers. Zones copy right.. But i don't see another domain on second server. First server domains work perfectly. Domain have the same ns like domains for first server. Maybe configuration of second server it's wrong.. Don't show nothing in...
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    DNSSEC - no found on name server

    Hello. I want to configure in my server, for my domain DNSSEC but i get info from my hosting domain company (where i register domains): "NO DNSKEYS founded for in name server" I need to create DNSKEYS for nameservers ? I don't need to create DNS zone in server for...
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    Gmail Spam - Directadmin + roundcube (and not only)

    Hello. I send e-mails from roundcube and from mail in my server and mails to gmail always go to spam folder. I had spf records for domain: TXT "v=spf1 a mx ip4: ~all" Hedaer in gmail: Received: from ([]) by with ESMTPS id...
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    How change tokens |DOMAINTABLE|

    Hello. I want to change DOMAINTABLE token. It's now show all domains for existing user in table list. I want to create ul list for it. I can change that somewhere?
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    Mail function, php

    Hello. After install Directadmin and Imap i had problem with Mail() php function. In theory sends mails, in practice do not reach. PHP Info:
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    CSF - Block e-mail send/get

    Hello. I don't why but CSF Block e-mail send and get e-mails. Ports open in csf: TCP_IN = 20,21,25,53,80,110,143,443,465,587,993,995,2222,1022 TCP_OUT = 20,21,25,53,80,110,113,995,143,993,443,2222 UDP_IN = 20,21,53 UDP_OUT = 20,21,53,113,123
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    Can't recive e-mail

    Hello. I cannot recive any email to my account . I had DA + PHP with IMAP , i dont't recive any information about bad sending from globally e-mail. I can send e-mail and this e-mail goes propetly.
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    Horde webmail

    Hello. Someone install horde webmail to server? I find that topic: But i get error: ~~~download failed! Install wget or change DOWNLOADER in this sh script (I had installed wget). I had CentOS 6.3 Finall. We can find install...