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    [PLUGIN] CustomBuild 2.0

    Thank you, it worked
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    [PLUGIN] CustomBuild 2.0

    It doesn't support this command
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    [PLUGIN] CustomBuild 2.0

    Hello! Something is broken inside CB - plugin is not working (tried to reinstall, nothing helped), when i try to update scripts through ssh, it doesn't work either. /usr/local/directadmin/custombuild# ./build update ./build: 10383: ./build: Syntax error: redirection unexpected
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    Problem with disk space on /

    I have no idea how this information can help me understand how to empty this directory. I don't even get if I'm allowed to do this.
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    Problem with disk space on /

    Hello everyone! Recently I started to receive messages from my system that the root directory is full. I did df -h, and got confirmation that / partition is 100% full. Usind ncdu I discovered some /.bzr directory which was about 8 GB large. It consisted of /repository and /upload directories...
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    Purchase Lifetime License

    I want to sell a lifetime license. Price $200
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    System backup problem

    The backup is created correctly for all users except one - its archive is empty. Should this user be fixed or something?
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    DA doesn't update and other bugs

    I have DA v.1.39.1 installed on Debian 5.0 64-bit. It is said that the last update was at Fri Sep 16 03:03:34 2011, but it should have been 1.39.2 or 1.39.3, I suppose. Every time i try to update it through the panel, nothing happens. I tried to update it manually - nothing happened except two...
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    What about Ubuntu Server Edition 64?

    Does DA work all right on Ubuntu Server Edition 64? It's Debian 5.0 naturally... Or FreeBSD 8.1 64 any better?
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    Need lifetime DA license

    Will buy lifetime license after verification. Email your offers please.
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    How to add mod_include to Apache?

    I searched entire Internet, but couldn't find any information on my question. I have Apache 2.0.59 and need mod_include for SSI and mail web-interface to work. In httpd.conf I have a line "LoadModule include_module /usr/lib/apache/", but it's commented out, and I don't have file...