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    Softaculous can't access subdomain directory

    Hello, I setup softaculous, at first it didn't recognize ioncube loader, but I rebuild it. Then, when I tried to install blesta on subdomain, I get a message " Can't write to ioncube.php Can't access folder, make sure your there is no htaccess. File and your domain is pointing to server IP" Sub...
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    Can't login please help

    Hello, After adjustment of two step authentication, I logged in as normal. Now I can't login at password level with no error message, just a refresh of the login page. Best regards,
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    DA dashboard over domain URL instead of IP

    Hello, Just wondering if there is a way to make DA available over site URL instead of ugly IP:2222?! Best regards
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    Let'sencrypt error

    Hello, I use directadmin latest version with Nginx+Apache When I try to issue wildcard or non-widecard certificate I get this error "DNS validation failed." I use cloudflare and already setup Nginx real IP configuration with both root domain and www version pointing to server IP. P.S. please use...