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    Install DKIM with Custom Build 2.0?

    Hi, Does anyone install DKIM with Custom Build 2.0? thanks
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    Warning: Using a password on the command line interface can be insecure.?

    Hi, Everytime I exec command to work with MySQL in console mode, the system displays: Warning: Using a password on the command line interface can be insecure. It maybe not normal. How I can fix it? many thanks
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    Can not login via Roundcube webmail

    I am using the latest version of RC but cant login via web interface. I have rebuilt RoundCube but no luck. Here is my error log: PHP Error: Failed to create new user in /var/www/html/roundcubemail-1.0.1/program/lib/Roundcube/rcube_user.php on line 584 (POST...
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    Anti Flood attack?

    Hi all, On one vhost, I see many thousands of lines: It caused my server over usage. In the future, if I can terminate all of the same requests automatically? thanks
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    Upgrade MySQL to 5.6 with many errors

    hi, I just upgraded mysql to version 5.6. In the mysqld.log, there are the thousands of lines: 2014-04-28 20:28:53 7f1b8103c700 InnoDB: Error: Table "mysql"."innodb_table_stats" not found. 2014-04-28 20:28:53 7f1b8103c700 InnoDB: Error: Fetch of persistent statistics requested for table...
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    Reinstall enhanced skin?

    Hi, The hackers modified some file in my skin. Now I want to overwrite the files or reinstall skin enhanced. How can I do? thanks
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    [SOLVED] Yum update error

    I have the problem with yum update from The error is the same error as describing at here. But I can not post this error that Already "yum clean all" but the error is still there. How can I...
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    Change PHP version for user?

    Hi, I have updated to DA 1.43.3 with 2 PHP versions but I can not find where to change PHP versions for my user. could you help me? thanks
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    How to change php version for one user

    hi, I build php with 2 versions, as below: But now I do not know how to change PHP 5.3 for some user. Can you help me thanks
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    Can not login ProFTP

    {solved} Can not login ProFTP Hi, Today, suddenly all of my ftp accounts can not login via any ftp client. I have restart ProFTP but I still can not log in server. I see log files at /var/log/proftp but no clue for me to detect my problem. Help me please, thanks
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    Change email server admin

    Hi, I can find where to change my server admin's email. could you tell me how? thanks
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    Can not access to DA via

    Hi, When I access the DA with ip https://myip:222, I can access it normally. But when I access, I can not. I removed cookie and tried again but I get the same problem. Please help me. thanks
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    Configure httpd.conf with CoreDump to files?

    I use PHP FPM and in httpd.conf, I add value: CoreDumpDirectory = /tmp/httpdump When service httpd hangs, I look in the log /var/log/httpd/error_log: But when ls /tmp/httpdump, there is no file. I miss something? thanks
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    Lastest Mysql 5.5.x?

    Hi, my Mysql version is 5.5.28. But in the Plesk panel, I have 5.5.30. Could I update to 5.5.30 or latest version? I run ./build update but just see 5.5.28 package. Custombuild 2.0 does support 5.5.30? thanks
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    Default charset = utf8 and collation = utf8_general_ci when create new mysql db

    Hi, When my users create new mysql db, their collation of db is latin1_swedish_ci. Now, I want to change the default collation to utf8_general_ci. Could you help me? many thanks -saosangmo
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    Many error "Brute-Force Attack detected in service log on User(s) anonymous"

    Many error "Brute-Force Attack detected in service log on User(s) anonymous" Hi, My DA send notify with Subject: Brute-Force Attack detected in service log on User(s) anonymous. In the content: A brute force attack has been detected in one of your service logs. User anonymous has 95 failed...
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    Backup account from one server and restore onto another server?

    hi, My new client use DirectAdmin shared hosting, he uses email service, web php and mysql database. He can backup the whole of account and then restore on my server. I must config anything after he restore from my server? thanks
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    Cannot connect mysql with new user

    [solved] Cannot connect mysql with new user Some days ago, I rebuild PHP, Apache and update version DA. Today, I create new mysql database and user at DA and when I can't login. The existing users work very well. I try to create many users but the problem is the same. The error I get after...
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    Can not create mysql user from DirectAdmin

    Hi, All of users can not create mysql users from control panel. The error message is only: Error creating the database In system, I check and log in mysql with account da_admin, everything is OK. Please help me! thanks
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    Warning, no pid file found - php-fpm54 ?

    Errors when build apache 2.4.x and php 5 hi, I rebuilt my apache to remove some module with these steps: change option.conf with values: php1_release=5.4 php2_release=no php1_mode=mod_php php2_mode=php-fpm and then run: ./build update ./build apache ./build php n ./build rewrite_confs I...