• We're moving our licensing database to a more robust centralized/cloud system on Sept. 25th, at 1:10pm MDT. To maintain data integrity and to prevent sync issues, the licensing system will be locked at that time. New purchases and db changes will be blocked. Please see this thread for more information: https://forum.directadmin.com/threads/planned-db-migration-expected-clients-licensing-downtime-september-25th-1-10pm-mdt.62248/

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    Moving the subdomain to the main domain subset

    Hi I have one account whose main domain is another sub domain Before -> account A : site.com account B : user.site.com After -> account A : site.com user.site.com account B : delete user Now I want to move this subdomain to the main domain so that information can be...
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    restore backup with ftp problem

    Hi The following error is displayed when using the ftp recovery part with ftp How can I fix this? Error with getFtpFile: *** Unable to get list *** ./ncftp.sh Please install /usr/bin/ncftpls by running: cd /usr/local/directadmin/scripts
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    Unable to open database after transfer operation

    Hello I have encountered this problem after moving the database files from / var / lib / mysql to the / home partition, which in most accounts failed to access the database ERROR 1932 (42S02): Table dbName .tableName 'does not exist in engine I can see the list of the tables and moved the files...
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    block server ip address for send mail

    hi everyone i create one email in my directadmin account and try to send email to another mail server eg : gmail.com after try to send mail i realized my email not sent and with search in google i got it that my ip address is block and i find this site for request to unblock for my server ip...
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    service unabilable error

    i have create my site with wordpress CMS and customize it then moved it from serverA to serverB now that i open my site url server show to me this error : service unabilable error How can I find the cause of this problem and solve it?
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    Error in transferring information between users

    Hello everyone I got into the server number 1 of the user with half the names admin and admin2 After transferring them to server number 2 and transferring domains and databases from admin2 to admin, I encountered a number of issues such as the problem that there was an error that there was no...