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    Throw me a rope somebody. Drowning here!

    Despite being at this for 7 years, I still regularly google "Directadmin" and then whatever it is I'm trying to find. To go back to your SSL certificate example, "Directadmin SSL certificate server" brings up this help page as the first result. On that page it explains the reason that DA...
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    Throw me a rope somebody. Drowning here!

    Pretty much everything on that page is fundamental and basic for getting a hosting server set up. Some of it is out of date yes but running a hosting server is not a "Set and forget" environment (That's for your customers to think they can get away with and for you to pull your hair out over)...
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    DirectAdmin 1.61.3 has been released

    Something to tie in to the Roundcube bug fix. It seems the settings in /etc/logrotate.d/webapps still references the old errors file (alongside still referencing SquirrelMail) /var/www/html/roundcube/logs/errors /var/www/html/roundcube/logs/sendmail...
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    Autoconf/Imagick issue with PHP 7.3 on Centos 6

    For some reason, Imagick seems to fail to install with PHP 7.3, and only PHP 7.3, on Centos 6. It works just fine with PHP 7.2, 7.1, 5.6, and 5.3. Installing imagick-3.4.4 PHP extension for PHP 73... Found /usr/local/directadmin/custombuild/imagick-3.4.4.tgz Extracting...
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    Vacation messages default to 1 day prior for start/end

    It seems the skin subtracts 1 day from the current time when setting the start/end points for a vacation message Edit: Seems to affect all dates, ie choosing a date on the calendar will wind up with the day prior being selected. It also takes 2 clicks to bring up the calendar when selecting a...
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    Loss of keyboard focus when entering a subject for Clear Message System

    When I was attempting to clear up a bunch of outstanding Let's Encrypt error tickets in a user's message system, I noticed the "Subject Contains" field was exhibiting weird behaviour. I would try to enter "error" but it would only get as far as "err" before taking away keyboard focus and showing...
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    Missing options/features on E-mail Usage page

    While troubleshooting a compromised e-mail in E-mail Manager -> E-mail Accounts -> E-mail Usage, I noticed the Sender Host column that exists in the Enhanced skin isn't present in Evolution anywhere. There's also no way to search through the results like there is in the Enhanced skin. Nothing...
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    Access level shifts from admin to reseller when viewing a user account

    When looking up a user account as an admin, your access level will shift from admin to reseller after selecting their domain/user in the search. As a result, I have to re-toggle my access level every time I go from the Mail Queue Administration Page (Admin) -> Viewing a problematic account...
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    MariaDB not properly handling minor updates, thinks the latest is already installed

    When attempting to update MriaDB 10.3.15 to 10.3.16 on an older CentOS 6 install, Custombuild rejects the update attempt because it tries to update to 10.3.15 at some point instead of 10.3.16 Updating MariaDB 10.3.15 to 10.3.16 warning: MariaDB-10.3.16-centos6-x86_64-client.rpm: Header V4...
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    Cleaning up options.conf on older installations

    Is there a better way to clean up options.conf besides removing the existing one and running ./build update_script? Doing so will recreate options.conf with everything properly categorized but then it has all of the default values in place. It's not too hard to fix when you've made a backup of...
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    Any potential issues with (even temporarily) relocating the cb folder out of /usr?

    Due to some brilliant decision making on my part when setting up the partition sizes on some of our DA servers, the /usr partition is only 5GB in size on them versus the 10GB on our other servers. As a result, these servers can't update PHP or MySQL because they're too close to the disk space...
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    Missing step for manual installation of skin on Evolution page?

    There seems to only be 3 steps listed now in the manual installation section of the Evolution skin page. Was that intended to remove the step that had the code for downloading, extracting, and setting the proper permissions on the files?
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    Odd default sort applied to User History

    I'm not sure how the User History is sorted initially but it is not chronological, at least. The default for Enhanced is reverse chronological. Additionally the Back button will not immediately take you out of User History if you've been changing pages in the User History. It will instead just...
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    No sort applied to Mail Queue Administration by default, meaning randomized returns

    In Enhanced, the MQA will default to ascending chronological order when displaying mail in the MQA. (Command will always start as CMD_MAIL_QUEUE?sort1=2) In Evolution, no sort is applied by default and so the mail will randomly display itself. This isn't so bad when you only have <=20 e-mails...
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    Where does the widget component stand currently in terms of completion?

    This is mainly a continuation of this thread but I figured a more appropriate thread title was in order. Installatron has done some preliminary work to adjust their DA plugin for the Evolution skin but can't release anything publicly until the widget component is unlikely to see huge changes...
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    Issues with the System Backup page

    There seems to be a few issues with the System Backup page, all of which are minor thankfully. 1) If you make the mistake of checking to include home directories to the directories list, they seem to be permanently listed there. Unchecking the box does not remove them. 2) When you've set...
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    Cannot add multiple ip4 mechanisms to an SPF record and some other SPF-related things

    1) Given the wording and pop-up both say "addresses" (well, kind of... See below), it seems like the field should accept multiple IP addresses. It does not allow you to do so though nor does it recognize multiple ones already in place. 2) The label for that field is "IP Adresses", instead of...
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    Evo skin doesn't seem to like lowercase n in custom templates

    We have a customized template in place for mail_settings.html to spruce up what it displays after creating an e-mail account. It seems, however, that the Evolution skin isn't fond of the letter 'n' and removes them. There's also that wandering &bsp; as well, which I guess stems from Evo not...
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    Adding the Password Changed info to the usage tooltip on the e-mail page

    I know this is something added in the most recent version of DA itself, putting it at a lower priority, but is there a timeline for when this might be added to the skin?
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    Search options for the Mail Queue Administration page

    Will the search options for the Mail Queue Admin page be added in the near future? We recently had to clear out one server's mail queue of e-mails belonging to a specific e-mail and not having the search options from the Enhanced skin made the process take a bit longer than it normally does.