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    MariaDB 10.4.12 - how to upgrade to latest fixed 10.4.13

    Oh, now I see. So how long will it take for me to be able to update WordPress again for my clients then? When will 10.4.13 be released? What are my options now? Without exception, mysql stops when trying to update the database for WP (I am updating from 4.x to 5.3.2 in WP), which requires...
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    MariaDB 10.4.12 - how to upgrade to latest fixed 10.4.13

    10.4.12 has errors, see which is fixed in 10.4.13. How to? Quite an important question, since I can't update WordPress versions now, and this is only fixed from 10.4.13 onwards...
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    Revert to original skin/look

    Found it: directadminurl:2222/CMD_SKINS apply to me, all users, or global. Good luck!
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    Revert to original skin/look

    How? Please. I can't find a workflow now. Mega thanks to anyone that can help.
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    Pure-ftpd use auto generated LE certs

    How do I let pure-ftpd use/present the right certificate upon connection? With the new features in DirectAdmin the cert for ftp.domain.ext is generated, but when I connect with FTP over SSL to ftp.domain.ext, the server cert is presented, not the domain cert for ftp.domain.ext. How do I fix...
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    MX records use this server among users mailing to each other

    So let's say this is my situation: 2 users (userA and userB) in DirectAdmin. userA uses external mail in form of hosted Exchange (hosted elsewhere) userB uses mail in DirectAdmin. Question: How does option under MX Records ‘Use this server to handle my emails. If not, change the MX record and...
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    Symbolic link wrong when changing URL of user

    So, let's say a user has one domain. When I change the domain name, which works well, the symbolic link in the file manager and FTP does not work anymore. It redirects to the old domain. Is this a bug? Perhaps something to implement by DA?
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    DA unreachable on port 2222

    So, after a fresh install, I can't reach DirectAdmin on port 2222. After this guide:, I can. Question is, do I now need to undo the part where I set iptables to off? Or just leave it be?
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    Exim spam - esmtps can't solve it

    Hi, I have tried all topics I could find but nothing helps me eliminate the spam that gets through my server. This server is designed to NOT use email accounts, only send email generated on webforms. SpamBlocker 4.5.4 etc is installed. See logs for info. Can anyone please help me with this? I...