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    [BUG] Login as only works in IE

    Hello, We have all our systems with CentOS 5.x x86/x86_64 installed and since the latest DirectAdmin version we have a problem. First we had a strange problem about this: (that's solved) Also on the same time since that version (1.38) we have...
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    Hello, First of all i've searched on google and this forum and didn't found the solution. We have the line below in our httpd.conf (everyone of you) I should think that index.html will be first, index.htm second and then index.shtml and then index.php etc.. But for some reason is index.php...
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    Quota value overflow

    Hello, Since we have updated with custombuild 1.2. to the latest Exim version we have a very strange error We can't find the issue, also the account usage is not full, there is enough space available. Does anybody know the problem, we have searched many things and no solution.
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    [HOWTO] mod_ruid2

    Hello everyone, Since there are alot of people asking for it, here is my HowTo about mod_ruid2 This is based on my CentOS server with Apache 2.x. Installing this module its no longer needed to chmod config files to 666 or upload/attachments directories to 777. Since with this module enabled...
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    Backups FTP transfer failed

    Hello, We are using DirectAdmin for a long time, and sometimes we have a problem. - Select the users to backup - Fill in the FTP information - Start backup - Backup failed, due to invalid FTP login After this, then we can start again from the beginning. Should it be possible / better that if...
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    Password change

    Hello, We have some users if they click on "Password" button and fill in this form the password doesn't change. It says "Changed", but they can still login with the old login information, and the new login isn't working. It seems that this is only with a few accounts, not with the other...
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    PhpMyAdmin 'No Change'.

    Hello, I've updated PhpMyAdmin to 3.3.1 and when I try to change something I get the message 'No change' and get back to the homepage of PhpMyAdmin on my box. I've also tried a older versions (3.2.5) and still the same problem. Has anyone this too and fixed this issue?
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    Update directadmin

    Since (im not 100% sure of the version) version 1.33 to 1.34(.x) we have some errors. If we do 'Update directadmin' and then do '/usr/local/directadmin/dataskq d800' we receive this errors Everything updated correctly, and the errors only come when you we do 'update directadmin'. This is also...
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    [api] Htm_all_domains

    Hello, We would like to see an API function to get a list of ALL domains on the DirectAdmin box. Now if you want a complete list of all domains you need to get all users and for each user request the domain list. Is it possible to get a function to get directly with 1 API command a domainlist...
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    ProFTPd kernel segfault

    Hello, We didn't change anything on our box, and since today our ProFTPd service is stopped. The following errors we receive We tried to update, but stull its failing with starting. Does anybody know the problem?
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    backup errors

    Hello, One user on our servers wants a backup, if we try to make one with 'admin' its no problem. Only under userlevel its failing. Does anybody know why its working with 'admin' but not with user 'XXXX' itself?
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    Backups imports [max_username_length]

    Hello, I've created a backup on a CentOS 5.2 box for some users, now I want to import them to the new box CentOS 5.3 and its failing.. I've changed already the 'max_username_length' and restarted directadmin without any results. Limit is still '10' instead of '15' Anybody that knows this...
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    Directadmin IP_Blacklist [bug?]

    Hello, Sometimes when we are 'browsing' at directadmin controlpanel then DA just blocks us. I've checked the Message Ticket and it seems to be a bug The ip 'XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX' has been added to the /usr/local/directadmin/data/admin/ip_blacklist file for having too many repeated failed login...
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    Custombuild innodb

    It would be nice that we can set innodb support to 1 of 0 in options.conf. Now we must 'edit' the 'build' file for getting innodb support.
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    MySQL 4.1 to MySQL 5.0.77

    Hello, I'm trying to 'upgrade' MySQL but i'm having problems. Also, everything except MySQL-server has been upgraded to 5.0.77 Its on a Fedora 5, i386 server.
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    Special domainnames

    Hello, We are using DirectAdmin and are very happy with it. But I guess it would be nice that if a user is trying to add a domainname like "später.tld" he will say "Sorry can't add that domainname". Now it just accept it, and a few minutes later BIND is down, due to the "ä". So I think it...
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    Default emailaccount

    Hello, Is it possible that DA add auto a email "postmaster@domain.tld" on each account what will be created. (but also a way to add that on all existing accounts) What should I do, to do this.
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    Included AWStats

    Hello boys and girls, I've installed the included awstats in /usr/local/directadmin/scripts/ but now I got a problem. My stats won't update automatic, so I need a bash script that can do this: Grep's the username + the domain and then create's a new stats page /usr/local/directadmin/scripts#...