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    Hello, Someone else is taking over the box running da so I need to uninstall it so I can reinstall somewhere else. How can I do this?
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    DA log rotation

    Just wondering if DA will ever rotate it's own logs. Mine got really big when the whole proc issue was going on but never rotated over after a certain size. -rw-r--r-- 1 diradmin diradmin 29880 Mar 5 18:49 error.log -rw-r--r-- 1 diradmin diradmin 11300097 Mar 5 18:53 errortaskq.log...
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    5.0 / 5.1 upgrade to 5.2

    Well 5.0/5.1 have reaced their EOL and with the newest vulnerability with TCP it is necessary for everyone to upgrade any of those boxes to 5.2.x So my question is, is there anything I need to change on DA to go up a version number? Thanks Jeremy
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    Service Restart Errors?

    I think I am having issues with the service monitors thinking services are down and restarting them. from the logs Feb 8 23:40:13 sv013 named[1291]: starting (/etc/namedb/named.conf). named 8.3.4-REL-p1 Thu Jan 8 14:11:45 CST 2004 Feb 8...
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    Listing # of domains in admin

    In the Admin interface I go to "Show All Accounts". One of the 2 accounts I have setup shows 1/5 domains. But I only gave that user 2 domains. I lcik on the account name to llook at the details and it says a maximum of 2 domains like it shou;d. Why the difference?
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    Few Features

    A list of good ideas for DA. Have webbased email clients open in a new window (this way all a user has to do is close it to go back to the CP) Have PHP write in User/Pass combo in email clients (It is kind of annoying having to login twice) Would love to see a WYSIWYG editor under the file...
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    Backup Restore

    On a domain, I can create a backup fine. But when I select one and tell it to restore it, the following error occurs.
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    Change how name servers are setup.

    I would like to make a request to change how name servers are setup, at least at the main admin level or box level. Right now to setup the initial name servers, I have to create a a user acocunt and a user package. It would be much easier and less messy if there was a section to just setup...
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    pkg_info after DA install

    Continuation of pkg_info talk here Can someone who has a fresh install of DA and nothing really else do a pkg_info for me and post the results here? I wanna compare the results with what I ended up with.
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    A few error.log errors

    While I have seen no direct error, I checked the DA error.log and found these. Not sure what all of them mean. Looks like multiple issues with one thing or another. Any ideas what the different ones mean? The one that really confuses me is the ip ones. I don't have that IP.
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    Delete install files after setup?

    Is there any security cleanup that needs to be done to the servers after DA is installed? Like and being deleted? Thanks
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    MySQl PID in Service Monitoring

    When I go and chedk on running services, all the services look to have all thier PID's listed but MySQL. It just says running, with no PID. Is that a bug? Or is it not supposed to show? Ex.
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    MySQL not starting

    Just installed lasatest beta, looking at the services apge, everything is running but mysqld. The problem is I can't find any error messages as to why it isn't starting. I've checked all the logs in /usr/local/mysql/data and even gone through /var/logs. I'm just not finding where DA is having...
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    Testing Versions?

    What platforms are all you guys testing on? I see mention of 4.x. Anyone testing on 5.1? Thanks
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    PureFTP maybe?

    Are there specific features that ProFTP has which caused it to be the choice for DA to use? I would like to make a feature request for PureFTP to be an option in the future. It's simplicity and security rock compared to others.