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    Bandwidth usage 78 TB but no proof

    A reseller that auto suspend beacuase of up to 4 TB bandwidth usage but there is no user that use a lot of bandwidth and Total highest domain of bandwidth: Total usage of bandwidth What's wrong how...
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    403 Forbidden for all CSS

    Hello I migrate site from Cpanel to DirectAdmin, but all css js getting error 403 forbidden I have check all files and folder permsion , every thing seems to be correct How i can fix this issue ?
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    Disable SMTP for selected Email Account

    Hello as Cpanel have feature to suspend Receiving Incoming Mail and Sending Outgoing Email and allow Logging In as i can understand thats mean SMTP has been disable for selected user 1) 2) I want same feature to disable SMTP...
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    How to I setup login url

    Hello Recently I have migrate from Cpanel to Directadmin, How i setup login url like Regards
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    ERROR CREATING DOMAIN and An error occurred during the restore.

    1) File does not exist or you don't have access to file /home/admin/all_backups//user.admin.sahboud.tar.gz Reason: Permission denied File being read as 'sahboud' drwx------ admin admin /home/admin 2) Unable to create directory /home/admin/domains/, A directory component in...