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  1. Richard G

    Admin level domain and LetsEncrypt

    You're welcome. Indeed the hostname should be the same as in DA. So it's good you found the cause. Thank you for reporting back.
  2. Richard G

    New Directadmin forum

    Looks nice! But hope we can also have something which is a bit easier for the eyes or a bit more grey background on the sides or something like that. ;) Well done upgrade!
  3. Richard G

    all relevant MX records point to non-existent hosts on local server

    We have a customer which had his site with us. A couple of years ago he moved his site to another host but wanted to keep the mail with us. We had to change the nameservers at the registrar to the nameservers of this other host because of the use of some website builder on their subdomain. Now...
  4. Richard G

    Certificate Chain, negative days???

    I just checked a private domain of mine which has a valid and good working Letsencrypt certificat. I used this site to check: The this was visible under Certificate Chain: -346 days remaining 4096 bit sha256WithRSAEncryption...
  5. Richard G

    Odd DMARC reject, how come? Also on auto forwarders

    I tested my SPF, DKIM and DMARC records on various testing sites and they look good I've looked it up and a notification of a script update of Softaculous is send to a customor of ours. What I can see from the mail log, it looks send as instead of a mailadres I...
  6. Richard G

    Can't connect to ssl! errors in logfile

    I'm having loads of ssl errors on all servers in the Directadmin error.log file. Showing all these lines: 2019:10:06-17:02:16: Can't connect to ssl! 2019:10:06-17:02:16: -> A failure in the SSL library occurred, usually a protocol error. 2019:10:06-17:02:16: ->...
  7. Richard G

    LetsEncrypt Issue

    Oke the hostname is which is running on a VPS. Since it only has 1 ip address the nameservers are running on the DNS of the domain provider. I made some screenshots for you. This is from userlevel: When I go to administrator level and select "list administrators" and click on...
  8. Richard G

    Are quota's needed? For single user?

    A friend of mine has rented a VPS for his site and forum and I advised him to get a Directadmin Personal license. So I installed DA for him, but there was no quota enabled on the file system. Seems that is not done by default on VPS systems? I contacted the provider if quota could be used...
  9. Richard G

    Is rpcbind needed or can it be removed?

    On our recently installed Centos 7 servers, the process is dead, looks like this: [root@server23: /etc/csf]# systemctl status rpcbind ● rpcbind.service - RPC bind service Loaded: loaded (/usr/lib/systemd/system/rpcbind.service; enabled; vendor preset: enabled) Active: inactive (dead) Sep...
  10. Richard G

    Error notice on upgrading Mariadb

    Hello. We were upgrading Mariadb 10.2.26 to 10.2.27 on a VPS and then we've seen this: Cleaning up / removing... 8:MariaDB-server-10.2.26-1.el7.cent################################# [ 57%] 9:MariaDB-client-10.2.26-1.el7.cent################################# [ 64%]...
  11. Richard G

    Can I transfer Mysql 5.7 databases to MariaDB 10.2 with admin backup/transfer?

    I'm just wondering. They say MariaDB 10.2 is Mysql 5.7 compatible. We want to move servers (old server to replacement server). The new server (server B) already has MariaDB 10.2 running. The old server (server A) has Mysql 5.7 running. First I was thinking to do a mysql 5.7 conversion to...
  12. Richard G

    Imagick filling up /tmp space

    Hello. I've installed Imagick via Custombuild. But now it seems this is filling up my /tmp space fastly like this: -rw------- 1 mkmod mkmod 3.2M 2019-09-10 15:57 imagick0reIGV -rw------- 1 mkmod mkmod 3.2M 2019-09-02 23:20 imagick0SpwWQ -rw------- 1 mkmod mkmod 3.2M...
  13. Richard G

    What does personal DNS mean in reseller package?

    I'm wondering what this means. You see this when creating reseller packages as an admin at the bottom of package creation: Personal DNS's None Uses 2 IP's, domain uses one of them Uses 3 IP's, domain gets own IP How must I read this? When none is selected, reseller can not create his...
  14. Richard G

    Error in enhanced skin.

    Maybe it's overseen, but there is a little issue in the enhanced skin. I just put it in the wrong section: Might have to do with changing from default Evolution to Enhanced, but this happens on fresh installations.
  15. Richard G

    Why is message-id warning implemented? Edit #46? Is it needed?

    Hello. I would like to ask the following. When I send email from my hobby forum it's allright. When I send one to a Microsoft account (like Outlook/hotmail/live) then this happens: 2019-09-02 01:31:18 1i4ZJV-0005JR-UU => F=<> R=lookuphost T=remote_smtp...
  16. Richard G

    Add choice for Database to DA setup.

    When installing a new fresh server with da, you can answer no to the automatic setup and choose: 1. Webserver (apache/nginx/litespeed maybe another) 2. PHP version 3. PHP mode 4. PHPmyadmin yes/no 5. Ioncube yes/no 6. Zend yes/no 7. Squirrelmail 8. Roundcube 9. Did I forget anything. Maybe yes...
  17. Richard G

    SPF fail on auto forwards

    We have SPF and DKIM and DMARC for our domain installed. When we send mail to our customers it will function just fine. Except when there are forwarders made, an SPF fail will occure. We see this in Google DMARC reports and it's only 1 fail, the rest of the report is all pass...
  18. Richard G

    Difference in the same MariaDB version?

    We had a 5.7 mysql running. I tried to upgraded it and SMtalk fixed it for me and it's running fine on MariaDB 10.2 now. Last night we wanted to do an admin backup/restore to a new server which was ready (but now having some quota issuse). Alle databases were restored, some with errors, so I...
  19. Richard G

    Bug in DA delete users? Bind not cleared.

    I might have discovered a bug in DA. On a freshly installed server I instantly switch to the enhanced skin. So installing things, restoring my users from an old server as a test, goes fine. After testing I want to delete my users, so I select everything, but it seems DA is not doing this in...
  20. Richard G

    File not found on password screen?

    File not found on password screen? Bug on new installs! Just did a fresh install on a Centos 7 server, then restored an admin backup from a Centos 6 server. Had to change the backup from to admin.root.tar.gz otherwise it would not restore. But so far so good, after...