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    MySQL 8.0 and Softaculous

    On a fresh install with MysQL 8.0 everything seems to work OK. I can create db users, log in to phpMyAdmin and so on. But when I installed Softaculous it couldn't (as a user) create db users and got an error message. Solved when I entered in my.cnf...
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    phpMyAdmin blank page redirect when enable SSO

    Tried to enable SSO using this: cd /usr/local/directadmin/ ./directadmin set one_click_pma_login 1 service directadmin restart cd custombuild ./build update ./build phpmyadmin service directadmin restart And from Admin or User interface when I click to phpMyAdmin I get a blank page at...
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    MySQL and net-snmp

    We use net-snmp for our servers. Just noticed a "bug" (not really a bug but it can be avoided). I installed MySQL 8.0 on one server with CentOS 8. After that I tried to install net-snmp. If fails because it needs mariadb connector. But mariadb* is inside yum.conf excluded. Maybe the...
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    Backup skip files, keep everything else but as a second backup

    I use the system-backup to create everyday full backups of all users. But from what I understand I cannot create multiple profiles. (One full to x destination, one structure/db only at y destination and so on) I also need (for psychological reasons) a full backup without the home dir. Just...
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    Icons Grid on Mobile ?

    Seems when I log in from a mobile and I see the Icons Grid normally like that (as a user):*******/Tgo6hyumAu1WUEqq7 When I click anywhere and go back to home I see this:*******/Ls514h6XybBFEP7P6 And can't navigate back to icons. Tried to record it, not...
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    DirectAdmin for "spoiled" WHM admins

    Well, this is a bit embarrassing but I'll give it a try. When dealing with the same software since 2003 (or 04 I am not sure) and some features are just hard-wired in your brain, it's difficult to find a new solution. It's like trying to quit smoking or something. So I made a list to ask a...