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    Chrome store DA session

    Hi, Today, as my daily task I opened chrome (CentOS7 on my PC) and my surprise was that DA session still active as a "remember me" function. I am using evolution skin. does anybody knows what happends here or can replicate it? Best regards
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    CMD_API_POP full_list

    Hi Regarding this The variable "sent" is the total of email sent per day or per life? Best regards
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    API for create backup for users

    Hi What is the API to allow users to create own backups without reseller's intervention? Best regards
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    Api dns

    Hi I am planning integrate CloudFlare API to my CRM but I see that DA doesn't support DNS instructions through api so, I think would be great feature.
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    Problem when accounts is created thourght API

    Hi I am using their API to create my accounts on DA and all seems to works perfectly but when a newly accouns it's created the featured are not enabled, ex: On my packages these features are checked: CGI Access PHP Access SpamAssassin Catch-All E-mail SSL Access Cron Jobs Login Keys DNS Control...
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    Hi I have set default_private_html_link=1 on my directadmin.conf but all newly accounts still not have symlink. When a let's encrypot cert is generated the private_html is alive. Any idea? Regards
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    issue when I tried logout as admin

    Hi I don't know if I am the only one with this issue but after update to the latest version I am unable to logout as admin. everytime that I clicked on logout I am redirected to user/add/domain and the legend "there are no domains..." or something similar appears. With other users/resellers all...
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    this feature has ben disabled .... (unable to read completely)

    Hi Since few days ago everytime that I logout from evolution skin a message appears a legend at bottom-right over red background with textd THIS FEATURE HAS BEEN DISABlE.... (and some other text that I am unable to read competely due logout process). Somebody can reproduce this? Regards
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    wrong DA versions

    Hi I don't know if this is a cache issue
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    inverted fields whem CSR

    Hi When I create a CSR the field city and state appears to be inverted because when I generate my ssl I see these value's field inverted. Can somebody can confirm this? I am using evo skin. Regards
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    How works the evo skin auto update?

    @zeiter How works the evo skin auto update? I was think that skin was updated automatically. Regards
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    Can't loggin using móviles Chrome

    Hi Hi Does any ones are experimenting issues when try logging using Chrome móviles (android)? I have set evolution skin as default. Regards
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    Lets encrypt

    Hi I was playing with Let's Encrypt to see how it works. I create a free lets encrypt to my main domain but now after my test I want to revoke it and install my RapidSSL but I am unable to do it. I can't delete lets encrypt cert, I can't find rsa key as user (I am asking like normal user not...
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    problem after install imap

    Hi I am using Centos7 + CloudLinux. Today I am using the following guide to install imap with php but after these steps apache is very slow. Any help? Regards
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    Does it delete sub-accounts when the user is reseller too? Regards
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    Csf Unblock ip

    Hi how is possible unblock an ip blocked by csf through directadmin? we using curl and root hash in the past with cpanel and CodeIgniter as our crm framework. Thanks
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    strenght passwords

    Hi How I can enable more strength password with @#%&/(), etc. for password random fields? Best regards
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    Migration from cPanel done. (after two weeks)

    Hi Thanks to Da team and forum members for help me to migrate all my servers to DA(shared hosting and vps nodes). We are running at 100% and the resource usage it's very lower than cpanel. We are happy to contributing again with this great software.
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    slow mirrors

    Hi Today, we are start migrated all our vps nodes to DA but we are experimenting slow mirroring from files* Is anybody has same issue? Regards
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    can't sing-on to user from owner or admin

    Hi I am unable to sign-on just a one specific user. The access is unable through admin, reseller and DA login page. Cookies cleared from browser. Any clue? Thanks