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    LetsEncrypt: Error finalizing order

    Hello We have issues with renewing certificate for one of the domains. According to the error messages in message system first renew failed with "Nonce is empty": Requesting new certificate order... Processing authorization for Waiting for domain verification... Challenge is...
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    Plugin hooks issues

    Hello 1) For example, from this hook file new skin produces incorrect string: "\n\n\n Virus & Malware Scan \n\n" instead of "Virus & Malware Scan" This can be solved by putting all hook...
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    Doesn't work at all

    Demo - OK Installed on the server - "Oops... something went wrong!" Chrome and Yandex.Browser (Chromium based) Latest DA version, no errors inside logs. Sorry. After updating to pre-release binaries, skin work fine. My bad(
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    [Plugin] Site Scanner (plugin for daily ClamAV run) [BETA]

    [Plugin] Site Scanner (plugin for daily ClamAV run) Site Scanner is free open-source plugin for daily ClamAV run. WARNING: Plugin still lacks english localization (only text placeholders will be displayed while tokens inside user/lang/lang.en.php is not...
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    [FreeBSD] [w/o CustomBuild] user_virtual_host.conf template

    Hello It seems my directadmin installation is completely ignoring user_virtual_host.conf template - it's content doesn't appear in user's httpd.conf or anywhere (while user_virtual_host.conf is still listed among templates on /CMD_CUSTOM_HTTPD page) Is there any way to make...
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    [FreeBSD] [w/o CustomBuild] nginx+apache /etc/httpd/conf/ips.conf

    Hello After adding nginx=0 nginx_proxy=1 into directadmin.conf i have found directadmin is smart enough to substitute |PORT_80| to 8080 in user's httpd.conf but ports in NameVirtualHost entries inside /etc/httpd/conf/ips.conf is still wrong: cat /etc/httpd/conf/ips.conf # Auto generated...
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    Stupid "bugfix" in 1.302 What a stupid idea to require DOMAIN variable for CMD_USER_STATS command? (BTW, require it for CMD_DB command is also stupid thing.) Content of |DOMAINS| and |STATS| produced by this command is _always_ the same regardless of currently selected...
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    [BUG] MySQL user privileges lost after account suspension

    Not found this feature described anywhere in and it's seems more like a bug. For example, I have MySQL user with Select privileges set to "Yes" and all other previleges set to "No". After suspension and unsuspension of account I have previleges for this...
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    Stats Control (Yet another AwStats Plugin ;)

    Plugin: Stats Control (Yet another AwStats Plugin ;) Stats Control Plugin Implemented about 6 monthes ago, because I wasn't happy about fusionictnl's plugin and I hate DirectAdmin's daily rotation. Features: - User is able to choose (for each domain)...
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    [RELEASE] DA-Proxy

    DA-Proxy (ver. 0.12) is tool similar to cpanelproxy - it's a simple wrapper designed for providing access to control panel via standart ports. (It's useful for customers behind firewall or strict proxy.) DirectAdmin on non-SSL port must be available for this script to work. You need to use...
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    [BUG] Suspended domain becomes unsuspended on monthly reset

    Recently our customer reported a problem: He suspended one of his domains inside user panel on April, but found it unsuspended on May, suspended on May - found it unsuspended on June. Domain doesn't have bw limit in user account, and account itself wasn't suspended (nor by hands, nor by tally)...
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    Useful exim.conf additions

    MODERATOR'S NOTE: This modification may make it impossible for scripts using SMTP connections for outgoing email to send email from your server. See the discussion below and use at your own risk. I think it will be useful for everyone if following modifications will be applied to default...
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    Plugin: SMTP Limiter

    Here comes the plugin which allows admin to set message limit or completely (almost ;) disable SMTP for any user. SMTP Limiter Plugin Version 0.943 For now install/uninstall scripts is not completed, so you need to made some preparations manually...
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    Number of Apache Log Backups - wrong definition

    OK. After ver.1.24 the meaning of this option is changed - now with daily log rotation, if we want to store log files for a few monthes we should set this value to 30, 60, 90, etc. But this is correct _only_ for domains which has NO subdomains! If we have subdomains on that domain - all goes...
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    [BUG] Subdomain removal in 1.24.0

    [BUG] Subdomain removal in 1.24.0-1.24.1 When deleting a subdomain with "Remove Directory Contents" checked DA always displaying an error: === Error removing subdomain(s) Details <subdomain_name>: A component of the path file_name does not exist, or the path is an empty string. === Subdomain...
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    minor feature requests

    1. Unsuspend account automatically after account modified and bandwidth limit increased (if it was suspended by tally due to bw exceeding). (And, of course, set sentwarning=no in user.conf) 2. When setting up "catch-all e-mail address" use ":fail: no such address here" instead of ":fail:". This...
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    More DNS-zone control

    Why we are unable to edit SOA record? (To define right email, for example) Why we are unable to edit TTL of the records? (Sometimes it's useful to change TTL. For example, reduce it before moving site to another IP or server.) Why we are unable to edit MX-record fully? I mean, we need all 3...
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    Bug? Default pages not copied from /home/resellername/domains/default

    I saw that problem before, but i just don't care. Now my resellers is asking me - why they cant change default content for their users? I have tested it on 2 our servers with RedHat and FreeBSD. When reseller adds new user nothing is copied from his /home/resellername/domains/default/...
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    [BUG] Error while compressing files in filemanager

    User unable to compress files to .tar.gz in filemanager. See error message on the screenshot attached
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    User's Backup problem [bug]

    If user's quota exceeded during backup, gzip process becomes zombie and all 4 processes (gzip, tar, sh and directadmin child) are hanged up. Tested on FreeBSD 4.10 and 5.2.1 with DA v1.23.1 Example === $ps l -wU indeveln UID PID PPID CPU PRI NI VSZ RSS WCHAN STAT TT TIME COMMAND...