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    [Resolved: Where do users access AWStats?]

    I have awstats installed but I seem to be missing the obvious - where do users access it? I was expecting they would have a link in their user control panel to access awstats but there's nothing I can find unless I've misconfigured something. Also can awstats be set up to be accessed only by...
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    Linode will only give me 1 ip4 IP address - what to do for second nameserver?

    Linode will only give me 1 x ipv4 ip address (although I have a whole block of ipv6) which makes it very hard to set up a second nameserver. Is someone able to give me some suggestions on what to do? I was thinking I could spin up a $5/month Digital Ocean droplet and use that as a second...
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    Domain Forwarding for Email - * to *

    I'm moving cPanel clients to DA who have domain forwarding set up for email and need to figure out how to duplicate it in DA. e.g.: * to * Any username before the is automatically forwarded to the same username Just to be clear - this is...
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    Is the Catch-All option missing from the latest DA builds?

    SOLVED: I'm migrating clients from cPanel to DirectAdmin that are using the default email address (catch-all) function in cPanel. Looking at there is supposed to be a Catch-All option in the user control panel under Email. I'm not seeing it. Has...
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    How to use Exim filters to forward to external email addresses?

    For my hosting server, let's call it, I want to forward various email addresses to external addresses. This is so I can send scans from my printer direct to various cloud storage providers. * would be forwarded to my evernote inbox email address *...