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    How block system account from sending e-mails?

    Hi, Regarding to this: How can I block all e-mails sending by ? When my clients have old script installations, they getting hacked and all spam is sent from I want to allow only smtp autorization to...
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    Directory Index + Apache 2.4 with nginx as reverse proxy (php-fpm)

    Hi, I just installed new server with CentOS 6.5 (64 bit) and Apache 2.4 + nginx as proxy + 5.3 (php-fpm). I'm getting error with one domain after moving from old server. I found this in .htaccess, tryied to hash it, but still getting error. DirectoryIndex portal.php Here is log output: How...
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    ClamAV + php

    Any one tried install php module php5-clamav for scanning files uploaded by php?
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    httpd.conf wrong path

    Hi, After updating to the latest version of DirectAdmin and restarting httpd it stopped my website. I have a 404 error. I found the cause. In the configuration file httpd.conf of each domain path is wrong. It is: DocumentRoot / domains / / public_html ScriptAlias ​​/ cgi-bin / /...
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    mysqld.sock disappeared

    Hi, Some time ago, we had to move the server upstairs. When I turn on the server on, mysql is not running. mysqld.sock file isappeared from the /tmp/, so I create new one touch /tmp/mysqld.sock chmod 777 mysqld.sock chown mysql:mysql /tmp/mysqld.sock Then create symlink to /var/run/mysqld/...
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    How rebulid user domains

    Hi, I have a strange problem. Disappeared DNS entry and /etc/virtual/ on my server for one domain. However, the domain is still visible in the panel DirectAdmin. How can I rebuild the DNS entries and /etc/virtual only one user?
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    PHP5_CGI and PHP5_CLI

    I have installed php5 cgi. I use Kayako Supportsuite which requires ioncube. The problem is when I using e-mail functions pipe to php script. Then I get a e-mail back that I do not have installed ioncube on the server. I do not want to use php4 cli because kayako does not work well with php4...
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    Roundcube problem

    Hi, Since yesterday I have trouble with roundcube. Instead of the login window I see this: Do you have any ideas how to fix it?
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    proftpd high cpu load

    Hi, I use directadmin from three months. For the last two weeks I have a problem with high cpu load. When someone is connected to the ftp server then proftpd cpu usage is jumping to 97% any ideas why?
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    Subdomains do not work

    Domain works well. I have done and Domain is redirected to these DNS. All sub domain does not work. Ping under not respond. All domains that are relayed to and also do not work. Zones in the DA are correct. What...