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    PHP 5.5.30 on FreeBSD 9.2 fails to make

    Zend is throwing the following just before it goes to build and I get a failed to make error 4021: warning: assignment discards qualifiers from pointer target type I'm also getting a whole lot of undefined references when it's building/making spoofchecker? Anyone else on FreeBSD 9.x STABLE able...
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    Any way to have this made available for freebsd 7.2 64bit? I wouldn't mind giving this a shot on my system.
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    How to tell DA which specific IP to use?

    Basically my DA keeps spitting back: 2009:11:07-17:31:00: The ip of this machine (x.x.x.x) does not match the ip in the license file.<br> Check the value of your ethernet_dev=bge0 setting in your /usr/local/directadmin/conf/directadmin.conf file and the output of /sbin/ifconfig<br> even when I...
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    FreeBSD 7.2 64bit DirectAdmin won't start

    I ran the and had custombuild set to do it's thing. PHP failed to install due to the lib64 issue however everything else seemed to have gone in at least apache started up and so on. However for some odd reason DA will not start, even though if I go into scripts and sh DirectAdmin...
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    suPHP broken by the new templates for httpd in DA upgrades

    Recently I did an upgrade to the latest version of DA on all of my servers. Which included several which have suPHP built from source and done with mode of owner (and paranoid breaks things). Is there any way the custom httpd vhost additions can be done in some other fashion (or that the suPHP...
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    email piping issue - duplicate piped mails

    Ok, this one is a somewhat unique issue. Not sure if anyone has brought this up previously or not yet. In exim if i setup a pipe to a script when i send mail to it I am presented with two of that mail being piped. What's being done is I am piping to a supportpipe script for exophpdesk and it's...
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    DA Problems

    ok here is a new one. First time this has ever occurred with a client's server. Just installed DA on this system. The install went fine and everything worked except DirectAdmin itself will not start. when I use the rc.d script to start it it states it has started however it is not running only...
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    CentOS 4.1

    I see that RHE 4.0 is currently beta supported. Will DirectAdmin run on a CentOS 4.1 system under RHE 4.0 for the License? I am curious to know if anyone has been running CentOS 4.1 w/ DA yet. -Justin
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    Spamassasin is not catching spam emails. The client has set his filter up for it to redirect them to a spam folder on the webmail client. I have checked and ran the to install spamd I have also started up spamd in daemon mode so it is constantly running now. Why is it not catching spam...
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    DA + FreeBSD Usage reset?

    So far to date I have noticed no usage reset. On FreeBSD how does DA handle the bandwidth reset each month? Is it auto cronned and if not where will I need to look and/or what command needs to be run to schedule it to run a reset of usage? -Justin
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    License file update failed

    I am now getting errors where the license file has now in grace period and the new one is giving errors downloading it. Is there something I must do to resolve this or will it auto update and auto fix itself? Your license file for * has passed its designated expiry date and is currently in a...
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    mod_perl with DA on freebsd 4.10-stable

    Recently had a client order who needs perl module(s) support for his website. Installed mod_perl from the ports which failed to work (it worked once then never again) got rid of that now trying cpan. Any tips from anyone else who has used DA successfully on Freebsd 4.x with mod_perl ? Any help...