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  1. AGXL

    How can I install Roundcube skin elastic?

    Hello, I would like to install the skin elastic for Roundcube, but unfortunately I do not know how to install it. Can someone help me with that? Greeting Andy
  2. AGXL

    Massive problems with DirectAdmin

    Hello, I have been using DirectAdmin on my servers for several years and have always been completely satisfied. But I'm not so happy anymore because there are massive problems. I use the Evolution skin with the pre-release version. Everything is up to date. I have the following problems: First...
  3. AGXL

    Evolution German Translation - 1.595

    version=cf658b1e3c1deede02948980483d6e0f6bbab63f Hello, I made a translation into German for Evolution skin. So that the Germans finally understand how DirectAdmin works :cool: Download instructions: Just click on the link and download the...