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  1. Imtek

    Forum not automatically forced to HTTPS

    Dear DirectAdmin, Why is the forum not forced on HTTPS by default? I see that there is a certificate and it is valid, and when in use https:// it will work but it will default back to http:// in forum links on Google and so on. Thanks!
  2. Imtek

    Issue with when using IPv6

    We are currently planning some migrations, we use for changing ip's in DirectAdmin for the IPv4 and IPv6 ip change. We already tested updating the the IPv4/IPv6 with the script, once we run the update for the IPv4 ip everything is changed correctly. Once we change the...
  3. Imtek

    DirectAdmin should stop support voor obsolete RFC4870

    I have been told that DirectAdmin still has support for RFC4870 ( It wrongfully adds a TXT record under the _domainkey label of domain names. For example: TXT "o=~" However, RFC4870 is outdated and replaced by RFC6376...
  4. Imtek

    Disable plugin(s) for specific packages/users?

    Is there any decent way to disable a specific plugin and/or plugins for some hosting packages. Currently there is no way to do this decently. I can imagine this is something that needs to be feature requested to be put into DirectAdmin's core. Examples - Ability to disable a plugin on...
  5. Imtek

    HTTPS redirection of webapps not working anymore

    On all of our machines the webapps running (for instance should be redirected to https:/webX.hostname.tld/roundcube on the hostnames are not forced to SSL anymore an remains unsecure on http:/webX.hostname.tld/roundcube. Has something changed in the logic of DirectAdmin? In...
  6. Imtek

    Option to exclude a resellers and their users from the send_usage_message option

    We want to use the feature send_usage_message ( and disable all usage notifications on all of our servers for a long time, but we want to have an option to keep it enabled for reseller so they can enable/disable it for their sub users. Is it...
  7. Imtek

    Custom configuration files not being used

    I use nginx_apache, i have some custom configuration files i want to use but they are not being used when i use ./build rewrite_confs. I also tried using these steps to make sure i am using nginx_apache: cd /usr/local/directadmin/custombuild ./build set webserver nginx_apache ./build...
  8. Imtek

    Custom HTTPD Configurations Backup?

    Is there any backup or including of the Custom HTTPD Configurations via the Admin Backup/Transfer in DirectAdmin? We are about to move many accounts to another server. We tested these backups to see if the custom httpd configuration was included. There was none. Do you guys have any...
  9. Imtek

    Reseller/user httpd.conf not included in the main httpd.conf after creation

    When i create a user it creates everything perfectly but the next line doesnt get added to the main httpd.conf when i create a user: Include /usr/local/directadmin/data/users/username/httpd.confWhen i add it manualy it works ofcouse, but thats not a solution. Can anybody help me figure out...
  10. Imtek

    Custom DNS Templates not working

    I have a problem with adding some custom template changed to my existing domains in DA. I customized my dns_a.conf and dns_mx.conf in /usr/local/directadmin/data/templates/custom like: dns_a.conf |DOMAIN|.=|IP| localhost= mail=|IP| mail20=84.*.*.* pop=|IP| www=|IP| ftp=|IP|...
  11. Imtek

    No email after creating user and cronjobs

    Hi, I have a problem, if i create a user on my server they will not receive their welcome email and this is a problem of the last month i think because before this time everything worked fine. And if users make a backup it wil do it but they dont receive a email when its finished. Does...
  12. Imtek

    SquirrelMail 1.4.6 RC1

    SquirrelMail 1.4.6 RC1 The SquirrelMail team is happy to announce that a testing version has been released for the stable series: 1.4.6 Release Candidate 1. This release candidate addresses many bugs found since the release of our previous version. Please let us know about any issues you find...