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    Dovecot 2.3.9 build error

    FreeBSD 11.3 here. I get the following error when building Dovecot: ... net.c:1071:5: error: use of undeclared identifier 'EAI_ADDRFAMILY' { EAI_ADDRFAMILY, NET_HOSTERROR_TYPE_NOT_FOUND }, ^ net.c:1077:5: error: use of undeclared identifier 'EAI_NODATA'...
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    MariaDB 10.4.10

    There are some bugfixes plus two security patches - CVE-2019-2974 and CVE-2019-2938.
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    Php 7.3.11, 7.2.24 & 7.1.33

    All of them contain a security fix - CVE-2019-11043 More details about it: It is very important to upgrade especially if you are running Nginx.
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    ProFTPd 1.3.6b

    + Fixed pre-authentication remote denial-of-service issue (Issue #846). + Backported fix for building mod_sql_mysql using MySQL 8 (Issue #824).
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    Bind 9.14.7

    The newest version of Bind includes three security fixes: • A race condition could trigger an assertion failure when a large number of incoming packets were being rejected. This flaw is disclosed in CVE-2019-6471. [GL #942] • named could crash with an assertion failure if a forwarder returned...
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    Strange error at the end of the build on FreeBSD

    When I updated Dovecot to it's newest version today I got the following error at the end: Restarting dovecot. Stopping dovecot: cat: /var/run/dovecot/ No such file or directory usage: kill [-s signal_name] pid ... kill -l [exit_status] kill -signal_name pid ...
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    Bind 9.14.6

    This is a security and new features release for the Bind DNS server. The security one is a potential DoS attack: More information on it here: Full release notes here:
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    OpenSSL 1.0.2t, 1.1.0l and 1.1.1d

    They fix CVE-2019-1547, CVE-2019-1549 and CVE-2019-1563 - three LOW severity security issues which are very unlikely to affect you at all. Still it is no bad if you update.
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    Can't find which user/process is doing login attempts

    I am on MariaDB 10.4, but this is a long running issue from a very long time ago. Every day in intervals between few minutes I see these entries in the BruteForce Monitor: 15676386600000 localhost 1 mysql1 2019-09-05 2:10:24 72774529 [Warning] Access denied for user ''@'localhost' (using...
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    PHP 7.3.9, 7.2.22 and 7.1.32

    There are few bugfixes and one security issue - CVE-2019-13224:
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    ProFTPD clamav scanning and FreeBSD

    When I was playing to enable nls support for ProFTPD on FreeBSD (my version 11.3), I noticed that the build of ProFTPD always has the following error at the end (it happens with the default configuration via the build script): Done proftpd. ./build: unsetenv: not found Enabling ProFTPd ClamAV...
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    ./build list_updates

    I usually make ./build versions and then scroll a bit to look for eventual updates. It will be much easier if we have a "list_updates" or similar option which will skip listing the software that does not have new version available. P.S. Sure I am currently doing it with "| grep available"...
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    PCRE2 10.33 - warning: may break your Roundcube

    PCRE2 version 10.33 is available. Please note that it broke Roundcube on my web server where I am running it with PHP 7.3. If you upgrade PCRE2 please look at /var/www/html/roundcube/logs/errors for these errors: PHP Warning: preg_replace(): Compilation failed: escape sequence is invalid in...
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    Bind 9.14.5

    This is a security and a bugfix release. The important change is: A race condition could trigger an assertion failure when a large number of incoming packets were being rejected. This flaw is disclosed in CVE-2019-6471 Bind is not managed through DirectAdmin so web server administrators must...
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    Broken script /usr/local/etc/rc.d/sshd in FreeBSD

    On FreeBSD 11.3 when I clicked on "Restart" on SSHD in DirectAdmin, I got the following error: /usr/local/etc/rc.d/sshd restart 2>&1 It then lists "Process is stopped" and can't be started via DirectAdmin. Console is lost so SSHD is dead. Until now I always used /etc/rc.d/sshd which works...
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    DirectAdmin Wikipedia pages needs some work to do

    On this page: it is listed that DirectAdmin do not support HTTP/2 which is untrue. "Antivirus" is listed as "supported" instead of "yes" which is true but strange. On this page:
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    Why the EML file extension is considered dangerous?

    EML is a file extension for an e-mail message in the MIME RFC 822 standard. Some programs like Outlook use it and some Windows-based webmail software too. For example the biggest Bulgarian e-mail provider is packing the original message in EML file when users use the "Forward" function...
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    Systems Quotas are size 0

    Directadmin is showing wrong disk quotas since I updated to FreeBSD 11.3. There is an error message in the control panel: Systems Quotas are size 0. See this guide to fix it. I did run the recommended commands: /usr/sbin/quotaoff -a; /sbin/quotacheck -aug; /usr/sbin/quotaon -a; echo...
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    11.3 - working fine

    Just a quick post in which I can confirm that DirectAdmin is working fine on FreeBSD 11.3. Keep up the good work guys!
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    Nginx-1.16.1 stable and Nginx-1.17.3 mainline

    nginx-1.16.1 stable and nginx-1.17.3 mainline versions have been released, with fixes for vulnerabilities in HTTP/2 (CVE-2019-9511, CVE-2019-9513, CVE-2019-9516).