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    DA on Rackspace Cloud Server 512Mb RAM?

    Hi, Will I be able to run DA on a 512Mb server. I see on the DA system requirements it suggests 1Gb at least but does anyone have it running on 512mb server?
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    Existing uppercase usernames no longer appearing in DirectAdmin

    Hi, We recently updated to version 1.38.3 and noticed that in 1.38.2 there was a 'fix' to prevent uppercase usernames although existing users that already had uppercase usernames would still function ok. This does not seem to be the case and we are seeing client websites where their DA...
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    Exclude Backups from Bandwidth usage?

    Hello, Is there a way to exclude b/w usage for nightly backups from user's usage stats? Cheers :)
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    DirectAdmin Ip Blacklist - blank page - how to add words?

    Hello, When someone gets their IP banned from DA and get the blank page, is there a way I can add words to this blank page? For example: -------------------------------------------------------------------- Sorry, your IP address has been banned from accessing DirectAdmin This is because you...
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    User > Reseller

    I plan to use one of the tools available to convert a user to a reseller. However, I have a question: If the customer is already hosting multiple domains in his standard user account, when the conversion is complete does the customer have to go in and set username and password for each domain...
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    Help Links

    Hello, Is there a way I can modify the help link in DA (the one in the top menu '?') to point to our own knowledgebase without it getting overwritten each time there is a new DA version? Cheers
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    server specs for 1 million hits a day

    Hi, I have just been talking to a prospective customer who is expecting to have a website will have get a 1 million hits a day. What server(s) configuration would be recommended to support that level of traffic? Base this on a php/mysql driven site with approx 100-150k page sizes include...
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    Moving primary reseller domain to another user?

    Hi, One of you customers has requested that we transfer his domain to another user. Our customer is a reseller and the domain he wants to transfer is his (the primary domain for reseller account). He wants to transfer the domain to another user on our server which is in a different reseller...
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    Where is DA heading?

    Hi, I know there is a Top 5 features thread on the go but what features are planned for DA in the next 6 months? Is there really a version 2.0 on the way? Are the DA guys taking any notice of that thread? I have not seen anything new for the user that has caught the eye for as long as I can...
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    Dedicated IP for wildcard subdomains?

    Hi, Do I need to put a user on a dedicated IP to run wildcard subdomains? See this thread for more info: Cheers Neil :D
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    Different demo skin for resellers?

    Hi, Can resellers set a different demo skin to the one specified in Admin? Cheers Neil :D
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    Custom skin problem

    Hi, I am generating a custom DA skin for our clients however I have hit upon a snag. I have designed the skin so that the full menu appears down the left hand side no matter what section you are in. The problem only seems to occur when I use file manager. When navigating around the skin other...
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    AOL 504 Timeouts

    Hi, Not sure if this is the correct forum to put this on but we have a customer who seems to have a number of users who use AOL (and want to use AOL). It appears when ever they view a site on our servers or try to access DA or Squirrelmail etc they get a 504 Timeout error. I have asked the...
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    User Backup Errors

    Hello, For some reason we have started getting these errors on our daily backups: "User xxxxxxx wasn't assigned to database xxxx_xxxxxxx, adding it in the backup" It is not happening on every user. Any ideas? Cheers Neil :)
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    Backup Errors

    Hello, We have had these user backup errors: "Error while backing up database [dbname] User [username] wasn't assigned to database" It was not on every user backup only a few. Why are we getting this message, we have not seen it before? Cheers Neil :D
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    Dedicated IP for Reseller

    Hi, I need to setup an IP that will dedicated to reseller accounts that we will be selling. We want to use a seperate ip for resellers and keep seperate from our shared accounts. The resellers accounts themselves will not be provided their own ip and instead all resellers will share the...
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    Exclude from Backups

    Hi, I would like to see admin backups being able to exclude users from the nightly backups we run. We have a number of customer which always fail on the FTP as they are over the 2Gb limit (this issue has been raised elsewhere on these forums) etc and would rather handle these differently...
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    Renew an SSL Cert

    Hi, I think I am being stupid! What is the process to renew an SSL cert in DA? We resell Geotrust Certs through OpenSRS. The OpenSRS interface gives us the option to renew. Following renewal we are sent a new certificate but when I paste this into DA below the RSA key and over the...
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    Details for Shared SSL Cert showing instead of customers own cert details

    Hi, Not sure what is occuring :confused: We installed an SSL cert on one of our customers accounts yet for some reason when you go to a secure page on their site the brower pops up a warning message page and gives the details for our shared SSL cert not the customers own details. The...
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    Reseller Name Servers

    Hi I hope everyone had a good xmas! I have read a few threads but it must be my xmas hangover disrupting my concentration :D We are about to start offering reseller accounts and we assume that most will want to use their own nameservers. How do we offer this in DA to our resellers without...