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  1. SeLLeRoNe

    Integrate OpenDMARC with Exim to have DMARC checked and report sent out

    Hi everyone, in last few days I have been playing around with DMARC because I wanted to be able to check it, and report it as many providers are already doing, so I started to work on it using OpenDMARC. Here it is a small How-To that will help you to make this integration, depending on the...
  2. SeLLeRoNe


    Hi there, Evolution Skin look pretty nice, but there are some thing that maybe need a little tweak (sorry are quite random, i'm just checking here and there) :) 1 - Navigation, if i click the second option, i expect that keeping changing pages will keep my decision, now, every time i click on a...
  3. SeLLeRoNe

    Thinking about move to London

    Hi there, saturday i'll go to London, to try to find a job.. something better than what there is here in Italy, and i was wondering if anyone of you that live in UK does need a System Administrator (a little bit expert on DirectAdmin :P) or does know someone that does need a System...
  4. SeLLeRoNe

    ClamAV Strange issue

    Hi, i did update ClamAV two days ago to 0.98.3 but now CB show that i'm using version 0 and i need to update to 0.98.3 So, just for test i did try to update ClamAV again and this is the error appear: ClamAV 0 to 0.98.3 update is available. /usr/bin/ld: skipping incompatible...
  5. SeLLeRoNe

    PureFTPd and ProFTPd with MySQL

    Hi everyone, im working on a DA Clustering system and is going pretty nice (almost everything done, just missing system user sync with same UID/GID). I did face user issue for FTP accounts, so ive did search a bit for a solution and MySQL came to me in a way i didnt think... PureFTPd and...
  6. SeLLeRoNe

    Greylist and gmail

    Hi everyone, im using greylist since long time now but actually im facing an "issue", users receive email from gmail after 24 hours (about). The reason is that gmail try to send same mail using differents mail servers so each time it get greylisted and the next try have a different hostname...
  7. SeLLeRoNe

    Full Domain (with subdomains) AWSTATS

    Hi, i would like to have a complete awstats statistics that include main domain and every subdomain. For now you can have awstats for main domain and an awstats for each subdomain but would be nice to have a single awstats (separated from existing ones would be better) that show statistics...
  8. SeLLeRoNe

    Suspicious files

    Hi, im having a strange issue. A customer of mine using wordpress apparently from a plugin/addon/whatever (and without his knoledge) use to create file in /dev/shm/.svn/ with some executable (that cannot be executed since nosuid noexec in tmpfs partition) files with some ips in those files...
  9. SeLLeRoNe

    One line (or more) command line via CP

    Hi, last week it happend to me that i did a server update (CentOS) and ssh cannot start anymore cause openssl version issue (need to rebuild from update.script) but i wanst ofc able to log into server (da was working fine) so here my idea... Would be nice have a place in CP where to run (as...
  10. SeLLeRoNe

    Sender and Receiver same email

    Hi, till now two of my customers (and my own domain aswell) are facing a strange problem: From - Mon Jul 30 10:29:15 2012 X-Account-Key: account2 X-UIDL: 00000fa04df63199 X-Mozilla-Status: 0001 X-Mozilla-Status2: 00000000 X-Mozilla-Keys: Return-path: <> Envelope-to...
  11. SeLLeRoNe

    Little suggestion - cron timing

    Hi, i was thinking this morning about the custombuild update notify (cron way). Usually is based on daily check/notify, on my server i use to change the cron line to become a weekly notify. This cause maybe one day ive no free time to update all box and everyday i'll got same email for same...
  12. SeLLeRoNe

    AWSTATS All-Stats

    Hi everyone, ive noticed today that awstats is correctly showing past month, present month.. but, if i select all month it load a white page, any hint i should check or how to fix? Thanks
  13. SeLLeRoNe

    DNS created but doenst reply.

    Hi, ive facing a strange issue. When creating a new user with a new domain the DNS deny the reply for the new created domain, but, in named.conf the include for the db and the same db file exist. If i restart named and/or firewall nothing happend, but, if i delete just the zone from da panel...
  14. SeLLeRoNe

    Custombuild 2.0-alpa1 Errors

    Hi, for everyone will have problem with Custombuild 2.0 please post here. Here first problem ive noticed: >./build options Apache: 2.2.21 Dovecot: 2.0.16 AWstats: 6.95 Exim: 4.77 exim.conf update: no SpamAssassin: 3.3.2 ClamAV: 0.97.3 MySQL: 5.1.60 MySQL backup: no PHP (default): 5.3 as cli...
  15. SeLLeRoNe

    User count

    Hi, some days ago dont remember what i did but users count on da panel was decreased to 0, so, ive manually edited with a number i thot was correct, but, i would like to ask this: How i should make an user count that is correct? Thanks
  16. SeLLeRoNe

    Slow Outgoing Emails

    Hi, this is already happend to me long time ago and i thot i had post something here but im unable to find it... so.. let it start again.. Since about 5 days email are going very slowly. When i send an email the client stay on "connecting to the mail server" for about 1 min, then it send the...
  17. SeLLeRoNe

    Which httpd.conf on apache install?

    Hi, i would need to use a custom httpd.conf when custombuild install apache. I alraedy have the custom/ap2/conf/httpd.conf and is working for rewrite_confs option, but, what about if i delete /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf* and re-installa apache using ./build apache? Where didi he get the conf...
  18. SeLLeRoNe

    roundcube multiple login

    Hi, a customer of mine is asking to be able with multiple firefox windows to log from same login screen (webmail roundcube) to log with multiple account.. firefox window 1 ex. log as firefox window 2 ex. log as
  19. SeLLeRoNe

    IMAP sync between 2 DA Server

    Hi, a customer asked me if there is a way to have 2 DA Server with same configurations with different IP where IMAP folders can be synced His plan is to have those two server in different locations (Rome and Milan) for have a disaster recovery system for the server with all up2date on both...
  20. SeLLeRoNe

    Awstats for subdomains

    Hi, im not sure is quite the right sub-forum for post this request but.. if Jeff think there is a better position, feel free to move it. I was wondering if there is a way for monitor subdomains with awstats. Ive just noticed few days ago that just the main domain is checked and subdomains...