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    BUG: Evolution (widgets) not remembering where it came from..

    In several places when the Back button of the skin is used, DA does not returnin to the place you would expect. For example: I have configured that front pages widget contains "All users" on the top of the widgets list. Now I click Admin Stats and after it has opened I choose Admistration...
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    BUG: List Sorting

    List sorting is working only partly in All Users widget display. Clicking on the Name sorts OK by the names, but Bandwidth, Disk usage and Domains ar not working at all.
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    BUG: Network Error dialog

    If internet is not up then this message pops up: "Network Error Unable to reach network. Please check your internet connection. Connect" However when the internet is up again the "Connect" button does nothing and the error dialog remains on the screen.
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    Server Statistics

    Server Statistics (Server Histoty/ Admin History) should give a detailed break up of where the Bandwidth did go: Example Web server: 70%, email: 24% etc and even detailed day by day and domain specific stats. And there should be an easy way to see previous month stats also. This should be like...
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    How to examine Past stats?

    How to examine past months day by day bandwidth statistic in Evolution?
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    Debian 10

    Debian 10 will be released in this week (6th of July, 2019). Time to create Debian 10 forum.
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    PhpMyAdmin not found on a domain

    Can't any more access phpmyadmin on a domain. "Forbidden You don't have permission to access /phpmyadmin/ on this server." Phpmyadmin is still working on other domains. Has this something to do with the pre-binaries or that Im using sub-domains? Everything worked...
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    Evolution skin ignores Customize

    1. Create a new user 2. Click Customize 3. Make some customization 4. Ckĺick Submit DA says the user was creted. However non of the customization was made!
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    IP list location

    In which file DA stores information of all available IP's?
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    Delete account from shell

    Hi. How to delete a specific DA account direclty from shell?
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    Bug in Backup Encryption

    I have set Backup Encryption on for a cron task (in CMD_ADMIN_BACKUP) If I want to create a new backup WITHOUT encrytion with the Now option, then the backup will STILL be encrypted even if the password field was empty!
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    How to restore encrypted?

    Hi. How to restore encrypted backup? There is no field for the password?? Must it be enabled in some config file? Should have a place holder in the config as default.
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    Encryption GUI bug in Backup

    I have enabled encryption for backups in the old skin. Now I'm making the transition to Evolution skin and noticed that the "lock" icon is there as it should, but when I go deeper to the backup options in Evolution the Checkbox is not checked.
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    User and Domain not displayed on the Users list

    The missing domain begins with a number. I assume this is causing that it is not displayed on the Evolution Users List?
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    Error after updating Roundcube

    After updating Roundcube I got this: File "/var/www/html/roundcubemail-1.3.9/index.php" is writeable by group suPHP 0.7.2 With earlier Roundcube updates I have not had this issue. How to fix it? Kind regards, Jan
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    ./build did broke

    It stopped to work after I had a network disconnection during ./build update && ./build update_versions Now the ./build commands does nothing! How to fix it? Kind regards, Jan
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    Deleting e-mail account renders all remaining accounts to reject new e- mail!

    Just deleted one e-mail account an re-created it. Now when I send e-mail to any of the other accounts for that domain I get the error smtp 550 No such recipents here for all remaining e-mail accounts on that domain. Only the newly re-created e-mail account is working (receiving e-mails) ...
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    Read error on update killed mysql

    Did the default procedure to update DA components: ./build update && ./build update_versions But this time there were several read-errors with mariadb and the Direct Admin update script apparently did not handle this situation correctly and now mysql server is down! ./build mysql...
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    Wrong z-index in requesters

    The action buttons on different requesters seems to have wrong z-index. For an example dropdown list should overlap the buttons, but now the requester buttons are overlapping dropdown.
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    Where are Logs?

    Tried to find error logs in Evolution skin. Where are they? :)