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    How can I change addresses on exim blackhole?

    I setup an email address and suddenly noticed today (a day after I created it) it doesn't receive email from my own admin account. In the control panel I can see inbound log (very nice feature!) and it says: 2019-10-02 18:56:46 1iFoUA-001BG3-DN => blackhole (non-SMTP ACL discarded...
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    Auto setup failing after a very long pause between the MYSQL and PHP setup

    I've installed a few DA servers this week alone, and for some reason this one keeps failing What I see is the following messages make[1]: Leaving directory `/usr/local/directadmin/custombuild/libiconv-1.15/po' cd man && make install prefix='/usr/local' exec_prefix='/usr/local'...
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    Lets encrypt with multiple servers?

    I have LE working successfully on Server A with my and several Ive now got a new Server B which is exclusily hosting I want to secure that with LE as well, was wondering if this will work using the stock DA LE tools? I dont want to just...
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    Apache points to the wrong document root (I think)

    Just installed a fresh install of DA, off the bat I get "Apache is functioning normally" message, and after alot of investigation I figured out that its serving documents from /var/www/html instead of the usual DA norm of /home/admin/domains/ Ive rebuilt apache and php and...
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    Error with LetsEncrypt request

    Generating 4096 bit RSA key for let's encrypt account... openssl genrsa 4096 > "/usr/local/directadmin/conf/letsencrypt.key" Generating RSA private key, 4096 bit long modulus...
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    Disable mail delivery failed messages?

    I automatically forward messages to an email address on my server which then processes the messages. Some of them have forwarding attachments on them as well Im specifically getting these messages from my server: This message was created automatically by mail delivery software. A message that...
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    Is it possible to give the admin login permission to stop and restart services ?

    Is it possible to give the admin login permission to stop and restart services ?
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    Does anyone know how to build with GD support?

    I am successfully using CB2 with PHP 5.5.4, however it appears GD is not installed by default. I dont see a ./build option for GD, so wondering if there is a good way to install/compile with GD? Thanks!
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    Is there a system wide limit on max connections apache can make?

    Im using apache 2.4 and have the maxclients directives set to 1300 without a problem However, when monitoring via server-status, when the proceesed requests hit 1024, no more are added
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    Latest CB (now with suphp) doesnt render PHP with PHP-FPM?

    So there was a change recently to include suphp support and I guess now you have to use the words php-fpm instead of cgi in options.conf SO I decided to kill the "old" CB2 and download a new copy starting from scratch When I rebuild apache and php with php1 set to php-fpm and mod_ruid2 set too...
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    Problems trying to build SFTP for ProFTP with CB2

    So using the following guide ( ), i'm trying to enable SFTP. However, when I get to the step ./build proftpd I get kicked out with the following error: Please set a correct PHP mode (mode set for php1 and/or php2 should be mod-php, mod_php or suphp)...
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    Has anyone noticed Apache + PHP FPM is amazingly slow?

    With a standard prefork install apache is decently fast on my machine, pumping out around 5MB/s. But when I recompile with PHP FPM its quite slow (1.5-2 MB/s). Ive tried tuning the server event MPM in all different ways with no benefit. I wouldnt expect such a striking difference between...
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    Created FTP account do not work

    Ive quite a few DA servers where I just goto user level -> FTP Management -> Create FTP account and voila, nice easy FTP account is created. However on my newest DA server, I can create an FTP account in the normal way, but none of the custom created FTP account will actually login for some...
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    Port 2222 seems blocked?

    I recently had some server hardening work done and now I cant access the 2222 port. I think this is part of the hardening done. Is there an easy way to simply open up 2222? I dont want to mess up or undue the server hardening work, simply just open up the one port Any ideas? (this is on RHEL...
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    Using CB2.0 I still have Apache 2.2 conf files?

    Ive installed CB2.0 and using it i've successfully installed php 5.4 and apache 2.4 However in the control panel when I load up httpd.conf the header says: It seems I may still have the 2.2 options file? Im not sure if there is actually any difference, but just wanted to be sure. I did run...
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    Pre-release binaries, how do I know if they are installed?

    Ive followed the directions here to update to a prerelease binary. However in my control panel it still lists my DA version as 1.41.1 Is there anyway to know if the binaries are installed and working or is that version supposed to change in the...
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    New server install, apache 2.4 off the bat?

    Im setting up a new server and going to start with the default CB 1.2 off the bat, but I think it will install apache 2.2 by default. is there anyway to start off with apache 2.4 or do I have to let it install 2.2 then upgrade to 2.4? Thanks!
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    New server w/ Apache 2.4. How to switch to event MPM?

    I have a new installation with Apache 2.4 and Im assuming its running the prefork MPM by default. How do I switch apache to use the event MPM? Thanks!
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    Which file contains the Apache tuning settings?

    Stupid question I know... I needed to change a few of my Apache timeout settings such as Timeout 300 KeepAlive On MaxKeepAliveRequests 100 KeepAliveTimeout 5 MinSpareServers 5 MaxSpareServers 15 StartServers 10 MaxClients 350 MaxRequestsPerChild 100 Im currently using DA 1.41 with Apache...
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    How to create a user and give him access to the /home/admin/domains/ directory?

    I plan on making a new user who will be used for my automated backups. The idea is to have a second server login via the new user login, and download the files i want to be backedup The problem is that no user that I create has permission to access the /home/admin/domains/...... directories...