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  1. tillo

    Lock file erroneous logics

    The .custombuild file is meant to keep CustomBuild from running if there is an instance running, but: - if I send a SIGTERM to a running CustomBuild, it doesn't remove the lock file - if I run a concurrent CustomBuild it doesn't run any function but it removes the lock file when exiting, which...
  2. tillo

    PHP6 version bug in CustomBuild 1.2

    I beleive I have CustomBuild 1.2.13 (the latest), even if it says it's 1.2.12. Patch for the small bug: --- build.orig 2010-02-23 13:14:24.000000000 +0100 +++ build 2010-02-23 13:14:53.000000000 +0100 @@ -7428,7 +7428,7 @@ if [ "${PHP6_CGI_OPT}" = "yes" ]; then if [ -e...
  3. tillo

    Exim 4.69-1 build binary move fail

    CustomBuild 1.2 fails trying to move /usr/sbin/exim-4.69 to /usr/sbin/exim during install, because the binary is called /usr/sbin/exim-4.69-1 instead. So the upgrade never happens.
  4. tillo

    CustomBuild 1.2 exim build multiple jobs

    Makefile from Exim 4.69 doesn't support multiple jobs on my system (Debian 5.0 x86 fully updated). CustomBuild 1.2 tries to launch "make -j 4" (since the system has 4 cores) end fails badly.
  5. tillo

    PHP6 CGI binary location

    CustomBuild FAQ point 16 states that the PHP6 CGI binary is located at: "PHP6: /usr/local/php5/bin/php-cgi". Is that a typo, or it shares the same exact location of PHP5 CGI (that would surprise me a lot)?
  6. tillo

    CMD_LOST_PASSWORD Information Disclosure

    A low risk vulnerability affects the CMD_LOST_PASSWORD function, optionally activated by the lost_password setting. Username enumeration is possible: while existing usernames are treated as expected, invalid usernames show an error. While this kind of behavior is very common, it is in fact...
  7. tillo

    Crontab special entries and parsing

    First of all, it would be nice to have the possibility to use the Cronjobs administration page to insert special entries, like @reboot (which is the only one that can't be written with normal syntax). See for more infos. Furthermore, if I modify the...
  8. tillo

    DirectAdmin <=1.33.1 0day exploit

    I just noticed a 0day exploit for DirectAdmin on milw0rm ( For anyone concerned about its security, make sure none of your untrusted users have SSH access and block any process-launching function in PHP (read for example this post, important functions are...
  9. tillo

    Small bug in Apache2 custom config files

    See build 1.1, line 596 and following: AP2CONFDIR=${WORKDIR}/configure/ap2/conf AP2CUSTOMCONFDIR=0 if [ -d custom/configure/ap2/conf ]; then AP2CUSTOMCONFDIR=custom/configure/ap1/conf fi Should be: AP2CONFDIR=${WORKDIR}/configure/ap2/conf AP2CUSTOMCONFDIR=0 if [ -d...
  10. tillo

    Restoring users from a System Backup

    I'm aware that there isn't any restoring feature for the System Backup, unfortunately I don't have any Admin or User Backup available. I have another DA server where I would like to integrate some users contained in that System Backup -- have anyone wrote a script capable of creating from it a...
  11. tillo

    DA Forum is +~12mins

    It seems like this forum is 12 minutes in the future. Surely useful when CERN's LHC will run again (to know if we have to run it or not), but for now it's just a little bit annoying :) Ok, I'm serious now. Please use NTP, thanks.
  12. tillo

    Something went wrong with PHP4 CGI + PHP5 CGI

    I always had this config, never configured custombuild to build PHP5 as CLI... but I know that there must be a PHP5 CLI for DirectAdmin, therefore custombuild was building it anyway... Here is the update_versions result after the last update: # ./build options |grep PHP PHP: 5.2.6 as CGI with...