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    WANTED: Host offering DA

    Greetings! I am in need of a host who offers DA. For nostalgic purposes, I am a former hosting provider and was one one of the FIRST to publicly offer DA to customers on both end-user accounts and dedicated servers (my membership date and prior posts in this forum will verify this). I have...
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    Exclusive DA License Auctions!

    For those of you that are not aware... We have a special arrangement with DirectAdmin for listing of special exclusive price offers for DA licenses on our auction site! If you are looking for your first license to test out DA or looking to save money on an additional license, please visit our...
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    Attention Coders... possible Idea here!

    Greetings all! I was browsing the threads (as usual) and came across this one: After confirming with l0rdphi1 via PM that this could work, I wanted to toss the idea out to the programmers of the group. I'd like to see if...
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    Move a User??

    Ok.. A user that is currently under one of my resellers is going to become a reseller himself directly under admin (me). Is there any way to just move his account and upgrade it without having to create an entirely new one? He's hoping to avoid any down time while changes propogate if at...
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    Billing script...

    Dunno if anyone is interested but... This might be a chance to create something JUST for DA? Here's the link: Love to see someone buy this script from the guy and make a DA only billing solution ;) Looks like he's done most of...
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    server load?

    Hey John... Is there any stat screen currently in DA that shows server load? If there is, I can't find it for the life of me LOL If not, can I request it be added to the wish list? Everything else looks great! Awsome job as usual! Thanks!
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    Hey everyone! I haven't heard much on the billing/management front lately. Any news? I've also got a suggestion if it's possible. I'd like to see a desktop application that will run under Win 9x/XP/2K that will interact with the billing database. Something that when run, would be able to...
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    Minor Error

    I found a minor error in the file manager. If you use the built in file editor to edit a text or html file (html in this case) and slick the save buttin, it generates an page not found after the save. It DOES save but it acts like it doesn't know what page to go to after it does that. :)
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    Above and Beyond the call of duty!

    Just a note to give everyone an idea of the kind of people behind DirectAdmin. Mark and John have more than proven their dedication to customer support and willingness to go WAY beyond the required scope of supporting the DA control panel. Here's an example: I have a PHP based script...
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    Ok guys...

    Ok all you skin designers! I now have my server running DA!! Time to start seein some of these great skins you've all been teasing us with!! :D
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    Would love to see some screenshots of any skins that might be in the works. So, those of you working on skins, please post some shots! This Cp just keeps getting better and better!