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  1. rocketcity

    Unable to create new Reseller account

    When trying to create a new Reseller account on one of our servers, we are getting an error message stating: Unable to create a Reseller ----------Details------------------ You must first create some packages The main Admin account has two packages setup and a second Admin account has 5...
  2. rocketcity

    Apache not starting (FreeBSD)

    Need help. After an attempt to install Mod_security in FreeBSD 7 (from ports) and restarting Apache it will not restart. I get the following error in the apache log: /libexec/ /usr/sbin/httpd: Undefined symbol "apr_thread_mutex_create" When trying to restart apache from command, l...
  3. rocketcity

    Exim not starting.

    New server install, FreeBSD 7 32 bit DA installed with custombuild Install completed, but when checking services, exim was not running. when trying to start it, get the following error: /usr/local/etc/rc.d/exim start Starting exim: /libexec/ Shared object "" not found...
  4. rocketcity - the Open Relay DataBase is Shutting Down If you are using SpamBlocker, you will want to disable the ckeck for this list in your exim.conf file or you can disable the check in the SpamBlocker plugin if you use it.
  5. rocketcity

    How can I remove the default SSL (Snakeoil) Cert

    By default, when DA is installed there is a SSL Cert installed on the server. The company name is Snakeoil and of course it is expired. We do not use SSL on any of our shared hosting and would like to remove this cert so that if someone types in or...
  6. rocketcity

    Script for adding multiple email accounts at once.

    Hello, I have a customer that I am setting up as a reseller. This customer has 750 + email customer accounts that they need to setup. Is there a script or some way that we can add all of these email accounts to DA without having to add them all manually? Thanks for the help
  7. rocketcity

    How do I update Zend Optimizer?

    Hello, How do I update Zend Optimizer? This is the first time I have needed to update Zend. I upgraded to php 4.4.0 and got an error message "PHP Warning: Zend Optimizer does not support this version of PHP - please upgrade to the latest version of Zend Optimizer in Unknown on line 0"...
  8. rocketcity

    Webmail Problems.

    I have setup an email account for the domain. I am able to log in to the account via squirrellmail. I have tried send email from the web interface & get the following error. "Service not available, closing channel Server replied: 421 Unexpected failure, please try later" When I check the Exim...
  9. rocketcity

    Problems with Name Servers.

    I'm having problems getting name servers to resolve. I did the initial setup of DA per the instructions on After seting up the domain, adding additional IP addresses, creating the name servers via the "Reseller" link and then verified the name servers...
  10. rocketcity

    Help with Plugin Manager. Error with password - ??

    I have a new install of DA 1.24.3. It was setup yesterday afternoon. I had no problem setting up domain info, name servers etc. However, when I tried to use the Plugin Manager to add Installatron to my server I get the error message (listed below). "Unable to execute your request Details The...